Immediate Sensation

Convergent boundary
Sweeps that radiate
Lifted by subduction

Intuition is the imprecise English translation for the Germanic word Anshauung, which describes an initial immediate experience of looking at something. Anshauung emphasizes instantaneous sense awareness, but does not imply simplicity in the process. Aesthetic pleasure in a subjective judgment comes from the imaginative free play that couples understanding to Kant’s notion of Anshauung, which is an awareness of individual entities. For Kant, the forms of Anshauung are space and time, functioning as intrinsic mental constructs that make sensation possible.

“Synthesis in general, as we will later see, is an effect of the imagination alone, a blind but indispensable function of the soul without which we would have no cognition at all, but of which we are hardly ever conscious.” – Immanuel Kant