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Unchanged Changes

Corporeal matter
Action reaction
Nonetheless vital

When increasing a rational commitment to the truth, the legitimacy of synthetic judgments depends on more than just their conceptual meaning. In its particular and contingent manifestations, the way that humans make sense of nature is dependent on inherent capacity.

“In metaphysics we want to expand our a priori cognition.” – Immanuel Kant

Modern Times

Particular interest
Conscientiously attempting
Proper causes

Creative original energy acting in the world is located in nature, correlating approximately with the idea of evolution. By their abstraction from matter, objects are made intelligible to the intellect. Nevertheless, there are certain things that do not depend upon matter, either for their existence or in their definition.

“To the inspired speaker alone [Nature is] the holy, ever creative, original energy of the world which generates and busily evolves all things out of itself.” – Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Von Schelling

Attend Entertainment

Passing public
Emphasize variety
Attract patrons

Kant conjectures that an aesthetic judgment is reflective because it does not subsume its object under any determinate concept. In a reflective judgment, we seek to establish unknown universals for given particulars; whereas in determinative judgment, we just subsume given particulars under already known universals. This distinction is similar to the deductive and inductive approaches in logical reasoning. Deductive reasoning moves from the more general to the more specific. Inductive reasoning functions in the other direction, moving from specific observations to broader generalizations and theories.

“All these mirrors carnival distortions of selves we never were.” – Basith

Huss Rainbow

Large stature
Smooth ride
Bright lights

Currently touring across America, this Rainbow Ride travels from fair to fair packaged on three oversized trailers. It takes a crew of four about six hours to set-up. Multiple hydraulic motors drive this hefty beast, which stands sixty-six feet tall with a bright sun face in the middle of its long axis arm.

“There’s no excuse not to relax and get loose and let us take you for a rainbow ride.” – Charlie Daniels


Deeply moved
Clearly sincere
Experience transform

According to Kant, we perceive a universe that actually exists but only as a phenomenon and not in its veritable nature. Thus some inherent axioms, intrinsic in the human mind, interact with the perceivable world to produce a replica image of reality.

“Consequently, even the pure concepts of the understanding have no significance at all if they depart from objects of experience and want to be referred to things in themselves (noumena).” – Immanuel Kant

Immediate Sensation

Convergent boundary
Sweeps that radiate
Lifted by subduction

Intuition is the imprecise English translation for the Germanic word Anshauung, which describes an initial immediate experience of looking at something. Anshauung emphasizes instantaneous sense awareness, but does not imply simplicity in the process. Aesthetic pleasure in a subjective judgment comes from the imaginative free play that couples understanding to Kant’s notion of Anshauung, which is an awareness of individual entities. For Kant, the forms of Anshauung are space and time, functioning as intrinsic mental constructs that make sensation possible.

“Synthesis in general, as we will later see, is an effect of the imagination alone, a blind but indispensable function of the soul without which we would have no cognition at all, but of which we are hardly ever conscious.” – Immanuel Kant


Central role
Merely to participate
Inattentive performance

Habitual involvement with small electronic devices has a negative and lasting impact on users’ ability to think, remember, and respond to environmental stimulus. Now evident at all times and places, attention patterns have shifted to a very narrow focus.

“Deskilling devices – they make us dumber. We’re immersed in a system that now requires the use of a cell phone just to get around, just to function, and so the logic of that cell phone has been imposed on us.” – Douglas Tompkins

Play of Sensations

Aesthetic singularities
Physical particularities
Composition delineation

When considering formalism in art, is it possible that any properties can be determined solely by sensory or physical qualities? It seems to me that the physical properties in question are always in relation to other things and other times.

“The superior artist is the one who knows how to be influenced.” – Clement Greenberg

Characteristic Complexity

Variety of expression
Everywhere employed
Unfolds itself

The dissonance of particulars are melted into harmony as darkness falls on the carnival midway. By blending manifold forms, extreme beauty unites lucidity with infinite meaning.

“For, although Character can show itself also in rest and equilibrium of form, it is only in action that it becomes truly alive.” – Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Von Schelling

Deployed Within

Liberating period
Licensed transgression
Public discourse

The carnival exercitation is manifest in various stages of its development. A brief opportunity to release customary societal controls helps to make those constrains more habitually tolerable.

“Everything we’ve seen here so far seems to indicate some sort of compulsive involuntary stimulus to action.” – James T. Kirk