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Meanwhile Midway

Seek within
Memory retained
Describe secrets

Colored lights and associated movement transforms the carnival midway into a fantasy oasis of night-time illumination, an insistence of coherence gathering together.

“Pure intuition, the forms of space and time, belong to the constitution of any experience.” – Bernard Freydberg

Event Progression

Crossing time
Continual present
Temporal distinction

Wandering spontaneously within established boundaries, freedom always operates limited by constraints. The past increases and the future recedes, unless time is infinite.

“Time is the longest distance between two places.” – Tennessee Williams

Verti Go

Spinning movement
Vestibular system
Repeated episodes

In the carnival landscape, a midway tale of visual control coalesces around a manifold of stimulation.

“Only one is a wanderer; two together are always going somewhere.” – Madeleine Elster

Piece of the Action

Neatly constructed
Future indicative
More than somewhat

In the social environment, participators are oblivious to manipulation. Although generally we assume our action is independent, often behavior is induced even when options presented are obviously blatant persuasion.

“Life is tough, and it’s really tough when you’re stupid.” – Damon Runyon

On the Brink

Wild stuff happens
Along the way
No short cut

Things always become interesting on the edge of the unknown. The precipice disturbs conventional thought, resulting in a deeper realization of the conceivable.

“The creative act is a letting down of the net of human imagination into the ocean of chaos on which we are suspended, and the attempt to bring out of it ideas.” – Terence McKenna

Fly by Wire

Giant swing tower
Complex balance stimuli
Rider spinner

Safe dangers abound as carnival amusement attractions entice participants seeking extraordinary experiences. Money can buy brief periods of suspended entertainment.

“Amusement is appealing because we don’t have to think; it spares us the fear and anxiety that might otherwise prey on our thoughts.” – John Ortberg

Widespread Irrationality

Reflective equilibrium
Epistemic relativism
Further fragmentation

On the expanding boundaries of an unknown universe, the carnival midway unity splinters into infinite shards of narrow possibility. Concurrently, the relationship between matter and consciousness is intellectually random and formally structured.

“There is a lack of alignment and the reflection is scattered in unrecognizable flashes of separate consciousness.” – JC Collins

Brownian Motion

Transport phenomenon
Constituents of matter
Convincing evidence

Midway crowd movement often appears like a continuous-time probabilistic processes, here well illuminated by bright sunlight. Occasionally the question of randomness becomes part of the aesthetic pattern.

“So the movement mounts up from the atoms and gradually emerges to the level of our senses, so that those bodies are in motion that we see in sunbeams, moved by blows that remain invisible.” – Titus Lucretius Carus

Nachos Fries Hot

Booth awareness
Amusement area
Cluster sideshow

Strolling on the midway, in a mood for public interaction, sparkling lights tend to hypnotize. The rules of engagement depend on the social-cultural envelope.

“It is little silly to be a caricature of something of which you know very little, and which means very little to you, but to be your own caricature – that is the true carnival!” – Karen Blixen


Ride diversity
Weird fascination
Dizzy amusement

Night closes in on the midway drama, with an unnatural twist appealing to a hankering for a load of merriment. The carnival preys on a kind of contented mindlessness built around obedience.

“Though the carnival life gonna always shine, you can’t turn back the time.” – Maria McKee