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Universal Quality

Underlying unity
Appropriate harmony
Objective postulate

Does the Universe possess an internally or externally assigned function? In his great Socratic dialogue, The Republic, Plato defines virtue as the degree of effective functionality. For example, to perform its appropriate function properly, a knife’s virtue is its sharpness. This delimitation implies that anything that exists without a designed purpose is virtueless. Meanwhile, Plato says natural beauty is closest to the greatest good.

“The Beautiful is not beautiful because of any externally posited function it has, whether beneficial, pleasant, or useful.” – Steven Barbone

Raw Feel

Cognitive continuum
Assimilated intentionality
Sensory episode

An ontological challenge located on the interface boundary is understood in terms of non-inferential sensation response.

“Instead of coming to have a concept of something because we have noticed that sort of thing, to have the ability to notice a sort of thing is already to have the concept of that sort of thing, and cannot account for it.” – Wilfrid Sellars


Condition circulating
Existence dimension
Outside looking in

The ocean is a sensual object with many real qualities mysteriously hidden. In perception and reception, aesthetics as a subject of inquiry seems agreeably attached to inexhaustible experience.

“The sea is the sweat of the earth.” – Empedocles

Remotest Affiliation

Strange visitation
Febrile fantasy
Reality dream

Connections that stabilize the environment, a punctuated equilibrium of power is built on strong qualities. Autonomy originates not when its source has been discovered, but rather resides in what is camouflaged.

“We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.” – H. P. Lovecraft

Certain Autonomy

Higher faculties
Lasting influence
Contingent combinations

Overhead the stratosphere integrates all conscious entities beneath its continuous expanse. Welcoming the challenge of the journey, art can operate as a subjective account, granting the viewer access into the inner musings of an enthusiastic space-time traveler.

“It is not necessary that the finitude of the world, which is yet to be proven, is brought into the definition.” – Immanuel Kant

Bearing in Mind

Considerations outlined
General structure
Broad divisions

In human consciousness, the imagination plays an all-encompassing role. Not only is imagination responsible for both memory recall and anticipation foresight, but also is the unifying force that orders/organizes the manifold of current sensation. Without imagination, our immediate experience would be incomprehensibly chaotic.

“Synthesis is the mere operation of the imagination–a blind but indispensable function of the soul, without which we should have no cognition whatever, but of the working of which we are seldom even conscious.” – Immanuel Kant

Right to Truth

Describe the synthesis
Approach our own time
Incalculable significance

Natural scenes of wonderment help to proffer the possibility of timelessness and necessity. At the ocean interface, that which is currently happening is all there is and all that needs to be. Dynamic events at the present juncture are as they always are because there is no other way they can be.

“For where no one else can understand, it seems that the philosopher is called for.” – Hans-Georg Gadamer

Subjective Necessity

Order coexisting
Substantial interaction
Successive simultaneity

Beauty defines existence on a late afternoon at the beach, when time becomes the consecutive relationship of consciousness states gently rolling in.

“Everything that is possible demands to exist.” – Gottfried Leibniz

Unified Inquiry

Finite nature
Matter dispersed
Structural dynamics

On a cloudy day at the beach, the mysteries of the cosmos are more discernible in the spiritual ambience of existence. Empirical preconditions dictate pure reason.

“Something deeply hidden had to be behind things.” – Albert Einstein

Parallels Between

Mystical process
Complex relation
Insight articulation

Intuition is the essence of innate creative intelligence in communion connaturally with its surrounding circumstances. As an evolution of durational consciousness, creative intuition motivates and is nourished by its own growth and extension. The active aesthetic quest leads into the depths of Nature, seeking the essence of an external spirit concurrent with the finding of self-awareness.

“Because subjectivity has become the very vehicle to penetrate into the objective world, what I thus looked for in visible Things must have the same kind of inner depth and inexhaustible potentialities for revelation as the Self.” – Jacques Maritain