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Things Change

Relational conception
Spatiotemporal quantities
Subjective reference

Long before Kant, Parmenides established that human perception of the universe differs from how the universe must really be. From this awareness, it follows that motion is a certainty only from a singular vantage point. As far as comprehending actuality, Parmenides argues that it is rationally impossible that motion can exist as perceived.

“All is motion.” – Heraclitus

Mode of Comportment

Spring precisely
Individual implication
Empirical stance

Here is another installment of the slowly evolving ‘Red Car’ series. Accepting that possible outcomes are unknown, this project always requires quick decision making operative under conditions of uncertainty.

“There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing.” – Robert Burns

Mental Panorama

Vague disposition
Acquired knowledge
Directions involved

Highway movement coordinates vision by transcribing a routine event into the extraordinary. However, does this interpretation describe the extremely normal or soar far above the average? Maybe aesthetics as part of its inquiry goes beyond the exceptional by delineating the essence of the prosaic.

“Thus what is acquired is truly acquired only if it is taken up again in a fresh momentum of thought, and a thought is assigned to its place only if it takes up its place itself.” – Maurice Merleau-Ponty

High Way Convey

Complementary process
Equivalent translation
Contraction reaction

Suddenly an old inactive image project is revitalized. It has been four years since my last installment in the “Red Car” series. Not sure what initiated the rehabilitation, but it is now clear that additional work needs to be done. Creativity is frequently impulsive.

“It’s the ride of life the journey from here to there living and loving every moment like we have none to spare.” – Jess “Chief” Brynjulson