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Speculative physics
Dynamic construction
Postulates causes

Tracing active forces instead of inert matter, as an image series matures the iterations become less frequent. Meanwhile, continued exploration offers more nuanced potential.

“In dealing with states of consciousness we cannot vary their duration without altering their nature.” – Henri Bergson

Given Magnitude

Causal relation
Logical implication
Beyond itself

Seeking constitutive common elements, a deeper reality comes from the reflexive inside as well as from significant outside interrogation. Connecting the concrete with the abstract, pleasure is a by-product of having done something meaningful.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” – Viktor E. Frankl

Transition of the Imagination

Circumstance counterparts
Necessary connection
Causation thinking

Kant uses the expression manifold to refer to the numerous varied data streams supplied to the mind through sensation. These various temporal streams of information must be organized and unified for any coherent experience. This unification is accomplished through the synthetic activity of the imagination regulated by understanding and reason.

“It may simply be said that what is needed for two events to be cause and effect as we understand them is that the probability of the second, given the first, is higher than the probability of the second, given the absence of the first.” – Ted Honderich

Worldly Delight

Insatiable drive
Prodigiously impenetrable
Abstract thought

By accepting determinism as a fact in the physical world, do we filter everything we see through an expectation of what think we should see? Such an expectation might presum that every apparent change represents a real difference observed in time.

“In order to draw a limit to thinking, we should have to think both sides of this limit.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

Make Present

Ideal relation
Singular thing
Thoroughly enmeshed

The creative experience extends to the infinite, presenting itself simultaneously with something other than itself at the furthest limit of imagination.

“The work will make present to our eyes, together with itself, something else, and still something else, and still something else indefinitely, in the infinite mirrors of analogy.” – Jacques Maritain

Change Duration

Irresistible attraction
Natural movement
General conclusions

Instantaneous and successive modes of temporality coexist in the point source encounter. The fluid mass of our entire psychical existence is apparently discontinuous due to attention fixed on a series of branded separate events.

“You can’t depend on your judgment when your imagination is out of focus.” – Mark Twain

Abstract Value

Uniquely Existent
Immediate contact
Essence possibility

Creativity is an impression and privilege of vivacity. The intellect strives to engender, as not only an inner mental concept, but also as an external material work. Something of our soul imaginatively overflows physically and spiritually in artwork.

“Nevertheless it remains the fact that this intuition is for us an awakening from dreams, a sudden step out of sleep and its dreaming milky way.” – Jacques Maritain

Most Immediate

Indissoluble accord
Perceived secrets
At one stroke

Point source lights near and far dance on a cold winter evening. Aesthetics captures the latent substance of things. The many apparent movables that are grasped by creative intuition abound in significance.

“The work will make present to our eyes, together with itself, something else, and still something else, and still something else indefinitely, in the infinite mirrors of analogy.” – Jacques Maritain

Slip Away Across

Contingent world
Eternal principles
Inherent possibilities

Sensation allows for self-expression and self-evolution of a force indivisibly spiritual. In a singular universe, there is diversity in unity, as aesthetic work is an instrument for probing the mind.

“Nature happens to be invaded by man in her own physical and spiritual reality, I mean, by this last expression, in her inner power of significance.” – Jacques Maritain

Pure Intuitions

Empiric reality
Transcendental ideality
Space and time

When the window of opportunity opens, preparation makes the most of all available imagined possibilities. The trajectory of creativity is decidedly non-linear, and yet like time flows in a general direction forward. Part of the present is a projection of the past into the future.

“The fundamental cleavage of subject and object signifies that only subject and object together make knowledge possible.” – Karl Jaspers