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Perspicacious Ways

Forms imposed
Encounter limits
Space utilization

After several days of rain, the clouds begin enthusiastically to break. Out walking with the pinhole turret, I search for interesting images of the ordinary, not so much a creation as a discovery and subsequent development. The rectilinear propagation of light can reveal surprises.

“On the whole, and as a first approximation, I would say that to which they give satisfaction by the ways of displeasure is nevertheless–and this is commonly accepted–the law of pleasure.” – Jacques Lacan

Impulse Form

Committed concept
Inherent verdict
Continued existence

Liberating art from any external end, meaning derived may best be considered as satisfaction in the total process experience. Over time, the sophistication of the process can become more and more nuanced, leading to a sense of evolutionary progression. Creative desire is never extinguished, as one result inevitably generates the next.

“Art cannot live and cannot develop without a flexible atmosphere of sympathy around it.” – Leon Trotsky

Full Force

Spirit medium
Fortunate occurrence
Controlled serendipity

This digital pinhole, drive-by landscape, high dynamic range image was made yesterday for the annual World Wide Pinhole Day happening. It was shot out the side window from the driver’s side while traveling at 60 miles per hour north on highway 13 near I-70. Using a combination of low technology and high technology, this work speaks to the modernist paradigmatic challenge to surface coherence.

“Art is magic delivered from the lie of being truth.” – Theodor Adorno