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Passing Interlude

Everything possible
At every time
Phantom inside

Making hard choices in the grocery store, while surrounded by colorful packaging that presents objects of philosophical concern, we fit into our historical timelessness.

“Content may be lost in temporal transit.” – Arthur C. Danto

Bag of Ice

Down the road
Things to do
Taking it on trust

Modern artists free themselves by transforming logical reason without abolishing it. In the process of transforming reason, intuition is goal directed to the unfettered and immediate passage into the work, born in the depths of the soul. In creative work, an artistic inner content received from elsewhere is inexorably present.

“The intellectual mode of cognition must sacrifice the full context of the image as a whole in order to obtain a self-contained description of each component.” – Rudolf Arnheim

Participation Demand

Natural superabundance
Appetitive aspiration
Movement of the will

The ontological foundation of artistic activity stems from spiritual creativity. In the sheer inspiration of spiritual intelligence, aesthetics finds its own delight in producing an object of affinity.

“To be fertile, so as to manifest that which one possesses within oneself, is a great perfection, and it essentially belongs to the intellectual nature.” – John Poinso

Point of Purchase

Red desire
Making choices
In the supermarket

The world is full of colorful enticements.

“We’re consumers. We are by-products of a lifestyle obsession.” – Chuck Palahniuk

Uncertainty Abounds

Full embrace
Transactional reality
Mobilizing strategy

Crowding into the tight confines of a passage aircraft compartment qualifies as a generally less than opportune moment. Correlations between things that on the surface appear quite unrelated, however, transform unlikely prospects into imaginative creative events. In this case, exploiting photography’s unique temporal properties changes the dynamics of duration.

“The thing noticed will only become significant if the mind of the observer either consciously or unconsciously relates it to some relevant knowledge or past experience, or if in pondering on it [s]he subsequently arrives at some hypothesis.” – W.I.B. Beveridge


Walk free
Sky above
Shore my own

Experiencing an ambient occurrence on the continental perimeter strikes a deep emotional chord. The integrated ecosphere is as fundamental as the embodied cerebral spirit. Sensations, instincts, and consciousness all coalesce in the élan vital in rapport with substantial existence.

“In an emotional process each aspect of the process runs its own temporal course and there is continuous feedback of various sorts from one aspect to another.” – Jenefer Robinson


Isolate attention
Durable evidence
Novel combinations

Experiencing the physically embodied passage through an airport terminal, complete with fashionable merchandising enticements, sometimes the aesthetic response to stimulus is a matter of describing. Moving rapidly between gates, using a long-exposure panning technique variant, the essence of the moment explicates.

“We find in texts only what we put into them.” – Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Sun Traveler

Incumbent edge
Functional structure
As time goes on

Using the morning phase for something valuable, the rewards of early rising are considerable. The energy emitted by the sun over the Atlantic Ocean has an ethereal quality.

“One way to interpret Kant’s Copernican turn in epistemology is by seeing it as the realization that our cognitive apprehension of reality is more than a mere mirroring of a preexisting world.” – Shaun Gallagher

Invention Discernment

Somatic states
Response option
Covertly operate

At the travel portal, separate worldviews intersect at the speed of light. Secondary considerations manifest in shades of gray as emotional processes bias embodied performance. Relations between reinforcing stimuli induce an associated physiological affective condition. Such potential feeling may benefit as well as corrupt cognitive decision-making progression.

“You do not have to apply reasoning to the entire field of possible options.” – Antonio Damasio