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In Controvertible

Certain doubt
Oppose by reasoning
Inside out

Some things are designed purely for their potential visual impact. This effort requires understanding the sufficient reason of attractiveness that causes an interest or desire in perception.

“Everything that is possible demands to exist.” – Gottfried Leibniz

Appropriate Wholes

Disclosure datives
Manifolds of appearance
Internal transformation

Exercising intuition in the dormitory hallway, by virtue of seeing things as they plainly are, formulates an interior passageway as a metaphor for principle processes. An essential pattern-group structure, spatial objects are no other than intentional agreement.

“It is thus a fundamental error to suppose that perception (and every other type of intuition of things, each after its own manner) fails to come into contact with the thing itself.” – Edmund Husserl

Interrupting Flows

Out for a walk
Encountering resistance
Choices made

Tales told from things experienced in a temporal emanation, through each door lies a possible future. Present the problem as the consequence of yearning for clarity and meaning, within an existence and provision that offers neither. Helping to evaluate appraisal predilection, things left behind remain as trailing baggage, informing new encounters ever becoming.

“Everything that is masks for us something that might be.” – Paul Valéry

Access to Form

Neutralize effects
Impervious everything
Rendering translation

For any given appearance, there are a multiplicity of possible explanations. Both scientists and artists are comfortable in recognizing the value in such diversity, with each interpretation nothing more than a constructive model for idea stimulation. The absolute is discarded in favor of the vast.

“The habit of art is the habit of enjoying vivid values.” – Alfred North Whitehead

Entry Means

Obtain access
Admission action
Opening door closes

Doorways represent material thresholds, passages from one space realm into another. Fleeting instances of transience, they are physically positioned as temporal markers between now and then. In most cases, such discourse markers are syntactically independent of the flow structure.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle


Doorway enticement
Untoward forces
Provocative turquoise

Operating on frontier boundaries, the process of thinking modification general occurs slowly, punctuated by significant events. Opening the doors of perception, seeking passageways into other dimensions accelerates progress. To be too comfortable means to be stagnant.

“The frontier between public and private shifts from time to time and culture to culture.” – Terry Eagleton