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Affirmed With a View

Relations develop
Distinctive elements
Necessity of somehow

Nature radiates with latent signs and virtual significance at that very moment when the earthly wanderer is influence by splendor. As Kant explicates, pleasure is felt in an emotional experience as the judgment of taste determines an object independent of concepts, with respect of delight in affirmed beauty.

“Conceptual knowledge, in its true form, which is the philosophical, is always realistic, aiming at establishing reality against unreality, or at reducing unreality by including it in reality as a subordinate moment of reality itself.” – Benedetto Croce

Different Circumstances

Impenetrable notion
Appearances change
Momentary portrayals

For Kant, the thing-in-itself is linked to the unknowable noumenon, an object or entity that exists beyond sensation and perception. Nevertheless, Maritain thinks that in our tangible aesthetic subsistence, we deal with essences embodied in concrete reality. This corresponds to Aristotle’s metaphysics as the science of ‘being qua being.’ His categories of being not only describe the way we think about what is, but also describe the way things are. Thus, the categories of being are both mental constructs of thought and, most significantly, descriptive of realty. In this way thinking gives access to actuality, and you never find forms by themselves, as separate entities. You only find form composite with matter, as the primary kind of being is found in hylomorphic particulars.

“By form I mean the essence or very nature of the thing.” – Aristotle

Shrouded Night

Exigencies of poetry
With things to do
Downstream from here

Had trouble sleeping, so I got up and went for an outside walk, softly enveloped in mist. On such a foggy night, the spirit engages in its deepest recesses. Seeking beauty as the function of pure creativity, aesthetic need is not extraneous to the intellect; it is one with the intellect.

“Art as such, for instance, transcends, like the spirit, every frontier of space or time, every historical or national boundary. Like science and philosophy, it is universal of itself.” – Jacques Maritain

Singular Existent

Tends toward
Existential relations
Subjectivity awakened

Accommodated on the perimeter edge, aesthetic energy realizes the paragon of the amalgamated free-play of imagination consonance with palpable attentiveness. Beauty is more fundamental than just an expression of ideas.

“When thinking is used as a means to some end, good, or value beyond itself, it is concrete; when it is employed simply as a means to more thinking, it is abstract.” – John Dewey


Fuzzy edges
Interior subjectivity
System of meaning

Available to all, the night blurs the boundaries between reality and representation. Although indeterminacy is always in play, it becomes more evident in the dark murkiness. Awareness of the presence of obscurity sharpens concentration.

“The very definition of the real becomes: that of which it is possible to give an equivalent reproduction. The real is not only what can be reproduced, but that which is always already reproduced. The hyperreal.” – Jean Baudrillard

Demarcation Lines

Objective connection
Reflective thinking
Generalized conceptions

Some image ventures are especially convenient. In this vein, my front yard mature pin oaks continue to resonate visually through their varied transitional phases. Perhaps I need to formalize this subject as an official creative project.

“The longest way must have its close – the gloomiest night will wear on to a morning.” – Harriet Beecher Stowe

Whole Truth

Being in accord
May the best
Stories win

Although external objects are given only in accordance with sensory system capacity, the mind is free to roam beyond. Speculating on the potential of how things could be is as important as establishing a provisional understand of how things are. Such cognitive activity does not require conscious prescription allegiance.

“Imagining is not opposed to our everyday lived experience.” – Richard Kearney

Leaving Sedalia

Confronting matter
Dynamic imagination
Spiritual modulation

Part of the joy associated with an artistic life is extracting splendor whenever and wherever it manifests. Some transitional interludes are most remarkable in their potential. Such moments can be appreciated regardless of other extenuating circumstances. Creating things of beauty is a necessary component of experience.

“Poetic correspondences between the self and the material elements are not so much a question of intellectual abstractions from matter as discoveries of the self in matter.” – Richard Kearney

Enter Into

External references
Internal relationship
Full of tensions

As I drop Phil off at his residence, after returning from our photo-shoot venue, one last exposure for the night seems appropriate. The full moon and a passing car illuminate the shadows.

“How did it get so late so soon?” – Dr. Seuss

Solitary Days

Natural element
Warm silvery skin
Antipodean moment

Quiet contemplation is a much different mode of being than is a state of knowledge acquisition. Moments of wonder positively contribute to the good life.

“One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats, and if some of these can be inexpensive and quickly procured so much the better.” – Iris Murdoch