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A Serious Hook

Lies before me
It leans quietly
Luxurious rust

So as not to disturb the associated workers that have a use for this formidable tool, an image is captured quickly of an instrument well positioned.

“It is necessary to write, that much is clear, and to write in a way quite unlike any way which I have employed before.” – Iris Murdoch

Determining Principle

Intelligible structure
Permanent reality
Subject to change

A basic experienced duality of existence distinguishes between the formal essences of things opposed to the structural material of objects. Sometimes aesthetics explores the coherent organization of the corresponding relationship unity of these co-principles.

“It is pointless to do with more what can be done with fewer.” – William of Ockham

Control Attempt

Almost overgrown
Natural reclamation
Things solve themselves

Overgrown shreds of our memories emerge from rich corinthian leather. Within the complex interlocking of ecology, survival intricately executes. Humans have no privileged place in nature and are subject to organic controls.

“She had drawn the veil across the view toward the past; now she looked forward only.” – George R. Stewart

Waiting for Resolution

Engagement indeterminacy
Social entanglement
Textual character

Resting within the boundaries of an authorized establishment, the economies of tactile stimulation play out on the tabletop. In the dim cantina confines, an explorer can avoid both tropical heat and unwelcome questions about private intentions.

“As fanatical materialists, we are struck by everything – nothing will be set aside from the play of force; nothing will be spirited away onto a higher plane or exorcized into a nether-world.” – Marcus Doel

Reflective Judgment

Mechanical aspect
Incomplete insight
Intrinsic end

Although stuff and style goes in and out of fashion, some cultural artifacts possess inherent artistic value. Retaining ornamental visual cues from organic structures, certain old cars seem well designed.

“There is no feeling, no idea, no volition which is not undergoing change every moment: if a mental state ceased to vary, its duration would cease to flow.” – Henri Bergson

Cloud Skimming

Boundary layer crossing
Eyes peruse the sky
Reflected solar rays

In the visage of an underlying structure that organizes appearances, there is nothing ordinary about the existence of existence. The window seat in a passage aircraft is a wonderful position to contemplate universal mystification. Understanding is above all a matter of designating comfortable pattern identification.

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Fluid dynamics
Pipe flow properties
Pressure control

Although a myriad of thoughts and feelings pass through the mind, our interpretation choices dictate autonomy. In the creative life, aesthetics can operate as a stream-of-consciousness regulator while alleviating both internal and external pressure. Balance is achieved when the controllable boundary is identified delimitating action parameters.

“Freedom is the only worthy goal in life. It is won by disregarding things that lie beyond our control.” – Epictetus

Merchant Vessel

Rosario Strait
Water crossing
Onboard experience

Reasoned emotion plays across the awareness threshold as a function of imagination. During a relatively short ferryboat ride, concentration and rapid exploration maximize the available aesthetic contingency. The unity of the present incorporates a temporal durational cognizance that brackets any immediate perception.

“The effects of many things are clearer in one of the senses than in another, so that all the senses bear an analogy to and illustrate one another.” – Edmund Burke

Austere Adornment

Cactus flower
Serious hygiene
Astringent acerbity

In a hospital bathroom, the accoutrements are particularly indicative of a purifying cleanse for both body and soul.

“There is still another structural moment, indeed the central moment, the reflection itself, the referral of the apprehended form to the cognitive faculties in such a way that a certain harmony can be exhibited.” – John Sallis