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This narrowing attention occurs according to a vision that attributes virtually no limit to what can become a source of aesthetic experience.

“Nothing’s perfect, the world’s not perfect. But it’s there for us, trying the best it can; that’s what makes it so damn beautiful.” – Hiromu Arakawa

Metaphysical Experience

Deals with itself

Understanding deals with empirical experience and reason deals with rational ideas. Erroneous metaphysics is rooted in unregulated reason that concludes that which is inconclusive. Kant analyzes metaphysics in order to save it, by explicating a cognitive tension between sensibility supported by concepts of the understanding and the ideas generated by reason. In his view, reasoning needs regulation to synthesize experience into unity.

“Dare to know! Have the courage to use your own intelligence!” – Immanuel Kant

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Considering the difference between sensations and the things that produce them, appearance depends equally upon the subject’s comprehending capacity and what is available to be perceived. All knowledge acquisition involves complex contingent cognitive processes as ideas form in our imagination.

“When you’re in a jam, trust your hunch and not your head.” – Joe Barris


Experience sequence
Intelligible world
Space in reality

The experience of being in the present moment is not an illusion, but evidence of the fundamental nature of reality. Time offers both subjective and objective elements. The objective element is real succession occurring independently of any perception. Such succession occurs before and after individuated cessation. The subjective element is perceived continuity in the mental representation of succession.

“Time is not something objective and real, nor is it a substance, nor an accident, nor a relation. Time is rather the subjective condition which is necessary, in virtue of the nature of the human mind, for the coordinating of all sensible things in accordance with a fixed law.” – Immanuel Kant


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Light and shadow interpenetrations play in a monochromatic textural ensemble. A common ambition is to create art rooted in the fabric of lived experience.

“A single tree in the tropical forest in the south of Mexico has more different species than some European countries.” – Carlos Salinas de Gortari

Unique Existent

The thing grasped
Subjectivity resounds
Manner of a sign

Creative intuition is cognitive in considering internal and external reality, directed toward concrete existence as connatural to the soul infused by a given emotion. Through its union and resonance in a spiritually awakened subjectivity, it informs the mind. The hidden properties of being are involved in its identity and in its existential relations with other things.

“Things are not only what they are. They ceaselessly pass beyond themselves, and give more than they have.” – Jacques Maritain


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Intense sunlight from a low angle blasts the western side of a neon window sign. Projected onto horizontal slats, the resulting cast shadow advances indexical delight. As a crucial attribute of contemporary existence, authenticity is an important context-dependent topic of analysis.

“To view something as an index, the perceiver must believe that it actually has the factual and spatio-temporal link that is claimed.” – Kent Grayson

Self Similar Form

Successive finishing
Particular recurrence
Within its own definition

In an abstract detail extraction, light and shadow redefine an object of modernity. Temporal slices are of necessity comprised of singular sequential durational segments. Even the seemingly simple is full of involvedness.

“Temporal ‘fading’ into the past is not equivalent to the fading of a fading image that remains perceptually present.” – Shaun Gallagher

Interpretive Examination

Endless variety
Plausible validity
Rational enterprise

Multilayered tracings open-up indexical possibilities just outside the entrance to a common office building. Sometimes the most ordinary things become extremely fascinating. When engaged exploring the visual potential in these quotidian moments, other incidental humans in the vicinity are often suspiciously disapproving.

“Can an interpretation ever lay definitive claim to correctness?” – Paul Armstrong

Aesthetic Disposition

Definite operations
Jointly engaged
Sum total

Compartments side by side with indexical overtones, three images connected by subject and formal relationship comprise a unified geometrical abstraction. Gracefully moving between styles and genres, participating in the historical legacy of fine art contributes to observational inquisition.

“Every other exercise gives the mind some particular aptitude, but also sets it in return a particular limitation; the aesthetic alone leads to the unlimited.” – Friedrich Schiller