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Innocuous Givenness

Externalist view
Certain capacities
Epistemic satisfactoriness

Properly functioning sensory systems provide a capacity for differential responsiveness to environmental features. Nevertheless, the rational faculty must also be operative in our experiential condition of being perceptually presented with things to grasp.

“Having something Given to one would be being given something for knowledge without needing to have capacities that would be necessary for one to be able to get to know it.” – John McDowell

Into Futurity

Concrete concept
Abstract way
Element of thought

Movement on the highway indicates that all connected information is positional – knowledge is not necessarily subjective, but it is not objective and entirely true and universal either. The practical and the abstract reinforce one another in meaningful ways. All this comes to bear on photography as an attempt to interpret a changing world.

“The recognition of the light of reality within the darkness of abstraction is a contradiction – both the affirmation and the negation of the real at one and the same time.” – Ludwig Feuerbach

Road so Long

Messages blink
Smooth out
Imprints on a journey

The sequential occurrence or proximity of stimulus and response, causing their association in the mind, is an essential aspect of all experience. In this temporal way, traveling across space and time to deliver artwork to a gallery offers an opportunity to make more art.

“Space and time are the framework within which the mind is constrained to construct its experience of reality.” – Immanuel Kant

Expanse of Imagination

Inspired heights
Sense for the elemental
Conceptually determined

Vision releases at the speed of light, reflecting off objects in relative motion. In this universe, everything is always changing position.

“Nothing attests more forcefully to the exorbitance of imagination than its violation of logic’s most ineluctable proscription, its infraction of the most firm, steadfast, sure principle. Indeed the decisive indication is not just that certain contradictions, but also that delight is taken in flouting this supreme prohibition, as if contradiction were borne in the very impetus of imagination.” – John Sallis

Highway Rider

Road keeps moving
Coming back
Drawing near

Traveling across town, aesthetic values progress in dynamic relationship to the given scenery. Tensional landscapes are in subordination, for as Kant said, “we leave it to nature to produce the man capable of composing it.”

“Beauty is and always will be blue skies and open highway.” – Dave Hickey

Watch Your Speed

Motion present
Change system
Swerve cascade

Achieving a coherent understanding of motion continues to be essential in understanding the nature of space and time. Most physicists believe that because motion requires a sequential displacement in space means that space and time are components of the same fabric. Nevertheless, distinctly different entities often maintain interrelational behavior.

“Trouble ahead, trouble behind, and you know that notion just crossed my mind.” – Robert Hunter

Active Originator

External connection
Conditioned reality

Perceptual input must be processed. In Kant’s formulation of mental activity, the Imagination functions as the source from which sensibility and understanding develop. This correlates to Maritain’s creative intuition, with connaturality seeking knowledge by communication between the spiritual essences of contingent encounters.

“As natural physical beings we are bound by laws of nature, as moral agents by the law of practical reason, but as imaginative creatures we are constrained by neither and thus have creative power.” – Immanuel Kant

Progress Assessed

Some special sense
More clearly aware
Destiny disquisition

On a trip to the airport, a complex convergence of multiple roadways creates a provocative overpass predicament. During such encounters, it is desirable to maintain aesthetic cognizance. Experience increases the accuracy of predictive anticipation.

“It is notorious that philosophers disagree not only about the truth of particular theories, or the answers to specific problems, but about the character and purpose of their whole activity.” – A. J. Ayer

Infinite Unfolding

Prolonging the dynamic
Fundamental propositions
Conditioned by an event

Fragments of the fourth dimension coalesce into a dreamscape. The associated aesthetic affect is positively supported by imagination flowing from experience. More than a reflection of reality, art is the real of a subjective reflection.

“We pose only those questions whose answers are the pre-given conditions of the questions themselves.” – Alain Badiou

Event Horizon

General relativity
Spacetime boundary
Point of no return

At a human scale, observations of motion are time dependent. This correlation causes most physicists to conflate space and time by setting a speculative universal speed limit. Fortunately, for our potential future understanding, there exists a group of variable speed of light (VSL) hypotheses. These theories stipulate that the speed of light in a vacuum may not be constant.

“I feel as though dispossessed from the semblances of some crystalline reality to which I’d grown accustomed, and to some degree, had engaged in as a participant, but to which I had, nevertheless, grown inexplicably irrelevant.” – Ashim Shanker