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Prairie Grass

Wandering through
Every essence
Fickle wind

Beauty is a productive conduit to truth when exercising the mental faculty of acquiring knowledge, by either direct observation or by understanding. The true, the good, and the beautiful are by nature eternal, in the midst of time yet independent of time. In actuality, for Schelling the philosopher must possess just as much aesthetic power as the poet.

“Nature meets us everywhere, at first with reserve, and in form more or less severe. She is like that quiet and serious beauty, that excites not attention by noisy advertisement, nor attracts the vulgar gaze.” – Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling

Yellow Foxtail

Seed head
Dispersal unit
Adaptable grass

An active interest in scientific learning helps to develop the creative imagination, that intuitive vision in which the particular adapts to the universal. True scientific inquiry recognizes possibilities, whereas common sense grasps only apparent realities.

“The world doesn’t change in front of your eyes; it changes behind your back.” – Terry Hayes

First Impressions

Desirable flaw
Fickle appearance
Spacing deviance

It is delightful when a creative project results in desirable expectations. A new optical journey begins here, with anticipation of warm days featuring dappled sunlight on the horizon.

“The optical glass does not itself see; it is merely an instrument in the hand of a rational being.” – Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling

Rocking Chair

Warm haze
Supple light
There will be time

A random afternoon on the front porch argues for matter existing as an equilibrium of active forces engaged in dynamic harmony.

“The past should be altered by the present as much as the present is directed by the past.” – T. S. Eliot