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Local Interactions

Indeterminate organization
Intrinsically integrated
Complex reductionism

When diving into the middle of a multi- partition vehicle headlamp, marshalling intricate visual complexity becomes the objective. Real abstraction is an essential impartial characteristic of such an intimate conceptual framework.

“Chaos is complexity viewed through a reductionist filter.” – Silvia Hartmann

Heterogeneous Reflection

Labyrinthine relationship
Complex amalgamation
Tightly entangled

For Plato reality is comprised of the universal Eternal Forms. In this formulation, reality is a reduction effort to place particular individual instances into abstract imaginary mental classifications. For him then, reality is a function of intelligibility, determining a degree of relative similarity as comprehended by the human mind in contrast to sense perception. Kant made similar claims about a priori knowledge as independent of the content of sense experience. Nevertheless, is there any evidence about the nature of reality beyond sensory perception? Should an aspiring philosopher seek extended sensory deprivation?

“The philosophers are the ones who are able to grasp what is always the same in all respects, while those who cannot–those who wander among the many things that vary in every sort of way–are not philosophers.” – Plato