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Possibilities Inherent

Local meaning effect
Embodying aspects
Directly conveyed

In practical knowledge, there is an essential distinction: moral activity as human actions done and creative activity as works made. Morality pertains to doing, making use of human free will, on which depends man’s action of being virtuous or evil. On the other hand, art pertains to making that depends on whether the artwork is excellent or awful.

“Art is intellectual by essence, as the odor of the rose pertains to the rose, or spark to fire. Art, or the proper virtue of working reason, is–in the realm of making–an intrinsic perfection of the intellect.” – Jacques Maritain

Impending Storm

Living world
Naturalist traveler
Element renewal

The power of inclement weather amplifies on the ocean shore, charging the thick air with sublime tension. Operating within an ominous domain is remunerative in and of itself.

“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.” – Edward Osborne Wilson

A New Path

Articles of organization
Extended and accurate
Equal exactness

An avenue of phenomenological investigation with respect to mental content and processing considers distinctions between internalism and externalism. Externalists characteristically maintain that differences in thought can be extra-phenomenally divergent. This is because sensational elements independent of phenomena form the basis of any phenomenal experience, implying a significant intuitional relationship between intentionality and exterior experience.

“From Brentano, Husserl drew the principle that all consciousness, by its very nature, is a consciousness ‘of’, in other words, is intentional.” – Christopher Macann

On the Lopez Ferry

Gray day
Shore to shore
Pressure variation

Perceptual associations merge with deeper meanings, as the ferryboat offers an interesting presence to explore during an open water transit. The conveyance purpose was just a bonus attribute of a transitional aesthetic experience.

“To strive after absolute appearance demands greater capacity for abstraction, more freedom of heart, more vigor of will than man needs if he confines himself to reality.” – Friedrich Schiller

Watmough Bay

Southern end
Framed by cliffs
Appreciate solitude

Sometimes fantasy meets reality. Beautiful beyond description, another amazing location on Lopez Island is indelibly imprinted into my memory circuits.

“Like a sea, the countryside from which I had climbed up lay spread before me, youthful, filled with living joy; spring’s heavenly, unending play of colors greeted my heart; and, even as the Sun in the heavens found itself again in the thousand changes of light that the Earth sent back to him, so my spirit recognized itself in the fullness of life that was all about it, that beset it from every side.” – Friedrich Hölderlin

Club Sawtooth

Vague succession
Precise observation
Entertainment industry

The main channel of life’s consideration is progress, defined as the ability to grow and adapt as a function of dynamic experience. All mental modalities contribute to this progression. Perception occurs as the subject transforms information to assign meaning by means of emotions, memories, and conceptual application.

“What is true of perception is also true in the order of the intellect and that in a general way all our experience, all our knowledge, has the same fundamental structures.” – Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Beyond the Horizon

Point of union
Harmony perfection

In boundless speculative enthusiasm, aesthetics allows for the free play of imagination to formulate new concepts unmitigated by old concepts. In this light, creativity is a hypothetical and tentative experiment inspired by a profound sense of the reality of existence.

“We do not need to look beyond the critical explanation of the possibility of knowledge to find ample reason for assuming a subjective appropriateness on the part of nature in its particular laws.” – Immanuel Kant

Grand Tetons

Rich scene
Rising above
Extraordinary terrain

Aspects of existence in a material realm remain awe-inspiring. Infinitely complicated are the corollaries implied, as there are an estimated 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets in our observable universe.

“We have not of ourselves become what we are and our interests are not limited to the brief span of our lives.” – Paul Carus


Equivalence sensing
Desirable existence
Labor intensive

Chaotic by nature, thought acquires order when it acquires form. Only by reaching a durational end are you positioned to more fully understand the beginning. Thus, the actual impact of a venue is not realized until well beyond the experience. Setting up the frame of attention is part of the challenge.

“The highest purpose is to have no purpose at all.” – John Cage

Valley Floor

Cold morning
Clouds drift
Mood swings

Sometimes the landscape in its sublimity can become transcendent. The meaning of the awe-inspiring event lies in the fact of a tangible conscious perception. There is no substitute for actually being there. Even idealism requires the duration of thought experience.

“It is indeed the world of things such as it is given in perception that is the object of our knowledge.” – Edmund Husserl