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The fundamental identity of the activity concerned in generating existence is the same as that which finds expression in willing. The will displays itself as products at once conscious and nonconscious.

“I’ve had some really good times at gas stations.” – Alyson Hannigan


Energy source
Spirit transfer
Ceiling floaters

Inside the Alexandria Genealogical Library, objects of practical attention take precedence over the theoretically possible. This orientation stems not from a primary conceptual justification, but rather from our actual existence as secular spirits.

“All proofs that the idealist offers for the existence of determinate external things must be derived from the primordial mechanism of intuition itself, that is, by a genuine construction of objects.” – Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling

Comfort Rain

Wet street
Sky grayness
Moisture in the air

Out my front door the evening the rain falls. While cars come and go across the ocular range, a newly configured optical device shows distinctive render attributes. The ground of all phenomena originates in the diversity of the peculiar proportion of their mixture.

“The meteorological phenomena are all without a doubt manifestations of processes through which they are always rejuvenated and replenished anew.” – Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling

Cut Glass

Natural forms
Accurate reality
Provides knowledge

Refractive transparent shapes cause wavelength dispersion as light propagates through space. Forms are object essences without which a thing would not be the kind of thing that it is.

“If a person were to show that all is one by partaking of one, and at the same time many by partaking of many, would that be very astonishing. But if he were to show me that the absolute one was many, or the absolute many one, I should be truly amazed.” – Parmenides

Perceived Attraction

Dynamic force
Spiritual growth

On a rainy day, an abstract frame of mind offers escape from enclosure to a wide-open space with an illuminated history.

“I go and come with a strange liberty in nature.” – Henry David Thoreau

Dual Modal Aspect

Further identified
Many complex issues
Transcendental apperception

As a distinctively human enterprise, both sensual and intellectual aptitudes combine to make aesthetic perception possible. Many questions arise in search of explication. Does the quest for beauty in the service of creativity connote that aesthetic demeanor is intellectual? Beyond this distinction, how is the intellect further split between operative modes? Are conditions outside subjectivity required for any experience, contributing to a repository of information available for unconscious processing? In advancing spirituality, how does the creative process balance invention with discovery?

“The I think must be able to accompany all my representations.” – Immanuel Kant

Moving Color

Normative demand
Cognitive affairs
Correct response

At the car dealership, while waiting in the designated position for the completion of routine automotive maintenance, light patterns emanate. Providing a place for purpose, the systematic coherence of empirical law is sometimes revealed in unlikely circumstances.

“The necessity of the universal assent that is thought in a judgment of taste, is a subjective necessity which, under the presupposition of a common sense, is represented as objective.” – Immanuel Kant


Certainty absence
Exempting causes
Performance action

Although absolute knowledge is impossible, humans may rely on strong beliefs in sensible affairs. Predictive reasoning gives assistance during ambiguous experiences involving skeptical knowledge. Operating under this principle, extrinsic authority holds sufficient credence to render an opinion firmly probable.

“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.” – Diane Arbus

Order of Emanation

Intuitive data
Immense dynamism
Conceptualized externals

Fire appears in the sky and in the water, on an early Atlantic Ocean morning. In a sublime state, beauty can inspire great admiration elevated to a high degree of spiritual purity.

“There are always some dominant memories, shining points round which the others form a vague nebulosity.” – Henri Bergson

Into the Light

Dance of shadows
Imaginary wandering
Shifting borderlands

Autumn morning vibes, on the edge of a grove of trees, as brilliant radiation streams in. All things are in constant motion.

“Human knowledge has two forms: it is either intuitive knowledge or logical knowledge; knowledge obtained through the imagination or knowledge obtained through the intellect; knowledge of the individual or knowledge of the universal; of individual things or of the relations between them: it is, in fact, productive either of images or of concepts.” – Benedetto Croce