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On a Rainy Day

Full of beauty
Layback and groove
Express gratitude

Once again, the evolving view progression from my front door becomes splendid. When aesthetically attuned, amazement is proximate.

“It didn’t rain for you, maybe, but it always rains for me. The sky shatters and rains shards of glass.” – Lee Seon-Woong

Inspiration Animates

Solidity exigency
Fortuitous occurrence
Surreptitiously creeps

Kant tells us that conceptual principles, which arise from their reference to the realm of sensation, only serve our understanding for use in experience. Due to habitual proximity, some experiences are repeatedly augmented. Such is the case on a cold early morning, looking east from just outside my front door. When creative intuition is present, it passes into the work.

“The pure concepts of the understanding have no meaning whatever if they try to leave objects of experience and to be referred to things in themselves.” – Immanuel Kant

Natural Element

Visual layout
Surface glancing
Into the interior

Focus only occurs at the very center of the visual field, while the peripheral remainder is fuzzy. Nevertheless, perception extends beyond observation sharply limited. Ability to sense what is vaguely around has an immediate direct correlation on emotional attitude, movement orientation, and situational response.

“We feel that we are experiencing surface as inseparable from depth as a dimension of the full-bodied object–a depth somehow shared by the perceived thing and the surface itself.” – Edward S. Casey


Flight proviso
Enclosed space
Looking forward

Mindfulness explicates every experience in light of imaginative play that forms an impression of actuality. Our interpretive approach continually structures neural brain connections that establish the possibilities of understanding. Mental plasticity means that developmental direction is under influential control.

“Every individual man . . . carries in disposition and determination a pure ideal man within himself, with whose unalterable unity it is the great task of his existence, throughout all his vicissitudes, to harmonize.” – Friedrich Schiller

Fanciful Reactions

Rapid cognition
First assessment
Shines through

Spontaneous awareness is informed and balanced by rational analysis. Nevertheless, both of these mental cognitions can occur in the unconscious mind. It is important not to conflate structural conditions of possibility with experiential content.

“A conception formed from notions, which transcends the possibility of experience, is an idea, or a conception of reason.” – Immanuel Kant


Narrow boats
Symmetrical color
Landscape recreation

Suddenly the physical properties of matter interacting with energy stimulate contemplation of the formal cause as the direction of being. The unity of imaging takes many things and sublates a coherent whole.

“The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.” – Aristotle

Winter Empathy

Outer manifestation
Inner engagement
Embodied experience

Responding to the conditions that are existent using the apparatus of sensation constitutes perception. The requirements of universality ensure a certain level of functional similarity offering the possibility of communication. Yet all things perceived also recede beyond their immediately given aspects.

“The question of knowing if the outside world exists or not has no meaning in phenomenology.” – Emmanuel Levinas

Coexistent Multiplicities

Movement and time
Constructive pluralism
Concept transformation

Life becomes extremely interesting when positioned at intermediary boundaries. It is during transitional events that the potential essence of existence is uncovered.

“As though being came to fill in a void, order to organize a preceding disorder, the real to realize a primary possibility.” – Gilles Deleuze

Doxic Actionality

Naturally occurring
Synthesis concatenation
Environmental composition

The process of the fundamental discipline seeks possible and impossible modes of intentiveness toward things. The grasping of essences sometimes becomes illuminated in momentary flashes, confirmed and completed in yet a very limited framework.

“When there is a quasi-perfect correspondence between the objective order and the subjective principles of organization, the natural and social world appears as self-evident.” – Pierre Bourdieu

Walk On

Light of the moon
Speeding away
Cult following

Feeding an essential human need to acquire information, thereby fueling the desire of curiosity, encountered variations must involve an existence that is wholly plausible and thus explicable.

“We pass, by imperceptible stages, from recollections strung out along the course of time to the movements which indicate their nascent or possible actions in space.” – Henri Bergson