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Apron Ramp

Gate stand
Parking area
Surface portico

Coming and going during a multistage journey, the window view from inside the loading airplane is of a bustling but confined place. Air travel involves many levels of limited constraint.

“Anyone using the word ‘tarmac’ in the last 50 years is almost certainly using it as a synonym of ‘asphalt concrete’.” – David Richerby

Crack of Dusk

Fiery horizon
Sliding down
Angular momentum

In a play of imagination while driving into the night’s transmutation, lights dance and glimmer on the sensible skyline.

“A sunset is the sun’s fiery kiss to the night.” – Crystal Woods

Out of the Mist

Lights emerge
Attention collected
Social forces

Leaving town in a slight drizzle, a progressive series of intermediate stages anticipates the open highway. Seemingly, with an urgent agenda, vehicles come and go.

“Develop the desire motor.” – Marcel Duchamp


In the alley
Night descends
Universally valid

In metaphysics, theology, spirituality, and other philosophical contexts, the Absolute is a term for ‘being’ itself, or perhaps the being that transcends and comprehends all other beings. From an outside observational perspective, everything and nothing are the same.

“The assumption of an absolute determinism is the essential foundation of every scientific enquiry.” – Max Planck

Whole Through

Dimensional passage
Dictates of nature
Concerned for success

Certain determining contingencies are beyond any level of control and must simply be treated as adaptation stimuli. Although a cluster of diverse responses might serve the same function, not everything encountered happens for a reason.

“It is agreed on all hands that the qualities or modes of things do never really exist each of them apart by itself, and separated from all others, but are mixed, as it were, and blended together, several in the same object.” – George Berkeley


Intervention mention
Concerted struggle
Against measures

As homage to tenacity and the process of natural selection in the evolution of organisms, over the years certain subjects claim recurrent exposure. Such is the case of this ‘silo-tree,’ a 55-year-old Mulberry, gracefully growing east of Knob Noster. Physical law enables us to construct symbols of things separately from the things themselves.

“The best way for scientists to approach biological systems is to look for features of adaptation and good design.” – Peter Godfrey-Smith

Acceptable Version

Accuracy does not work
Understanding its relevance
Extremes of absence

Aesthetic judgment bridges the gap between the observable and the possible. The transition is reasonable as the mind passes from the one to the other. Attempting to attain experience independence, indifference is unjustified.

“I like photography because it is a reality medium, unlike drawing which is unreal. I like to mess with reality … to bend reality.” – Storm Thorgerson

Phenomenological Plasticity

Eidetic intuition
Apophantic disclosure
Empirical perception

Images generated from travel redeem a sensuous cognition built on a considered yet fleeting and impartial reference translation. In correspondence with an ordered cosmos, real-world objects and subjective experience interpenatrate.

“In the foundations of color, vision sees the Universe; in the foundations of the Universe, it sees man; in the foundations of man, it sees vision.” – François Laruelle

Sharable Feeling

Serious value
Uniform pleasure
Agreement source

The imagination freely harmonizes in cognition when it is unconstrained by the concepts of understanding. In imaginative free-play, when under the influence of the dynamically sublime, we become aware of our supersensible nature. By becoming aware of potential extending beyond the corporeal realm, aesthetics reveals the dimension of human freedom.

“In our encounter with vast formless objects, we are led to estimate the greatness of their magnitude by reference to the absolute measure – namely, infinity as a whole.” – Paul Crowther

Explore Boundaries

Everyday things
Energy particles
Real thought

Traveling across the surface, an imminent impression retains the variegated pattern of energy distribution spread over the scene without climax. Beauty is not the object of ambition in such transcendental deployments, but rather is the condition making aesthetic experience possible. To formulate a ground of potential, immanent principles must extend beyond their decorous limits.

“This very integration intensifies the aesthetic experience: it is the creation of a total environment that is meant to be completely absorbing.” – Crispin Sartwell