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Natural Grouping

Essential dimensions
Conditions of existence
Anatomic unity

As we know it, actuality is always slipping away. In an uncertain framework, aesthetics weaves transient circumstances into meaningful narratives.

“The contradiction is this: man rejects the world as it is, without accepting the necessity of escaping it.” – Albert Camus

Aesthetic Pleasure

Ineluctable fact
Nominal reduction
Extracted from life

Agricultural structures here exhibit geometrical abstraction in a minimalistic vein. The overall vibe is reminiscent of a cross between Piet Mondrian and Agnes Martin.

“To succeed in constructing something which is not a copy of the ‘natural’ and yet possesses some substantive quality implies a most sublime talent.” – José Ortega y Gasset

A Composition

Inner velocity
Will to visualize
Spirit an artifact

Reduced abstract geometric forms and color shapes are basic-visual elements evident in the realm of architecture.

“True artistic experience is never passive, for the spectator is obliged to participate, as it were, in the continuous or discontinuous variations of proportions, positions, lines and planes.” – Theo van Doesburg

Stark Realities

Complete degree
Plain appearance
Very obvious

In contiguous cultivation of temporality, collaborating with an earlier version of myself, constant adjustment of tendency and predilection render the present juncture extremely interesting.

“Minimalism is the constant art of editing your life.” – Danny Dover

Formal Analysis

Physical nature
Shape dimensions
Expressive sensation

The successful engagement of mere reflection is initiated by a pleasurable precognitive achievement. Radiation patterns become complex at the structural entrance, as reason initializes in the formation and judgment of sensation.

“When the form is in place, everything within it can be pure feeling.” – Chris Kraus

Topological Schematization

Combinatory discourses
Unconscious arrival
Essential effect

Clean structural organization satisfies the mind seeking order out of the sensual manifold. The fundamental nature of knowledge and reality crops up on a walk about town. Aesthetics puts meaning into existence.

“This topology is intended to give you some notion of the location of the point of disjuncture and conjuncture, of union and frontier that can be occupied only by the desire of the analyst.” – Jacques Lacan


Superior ease
Movements foreseen
Present attitudes

Graceful movements submit to an internal rhythm accompanied by accumulated multiple instances of cultural music.

“The perception of ease in motion passes over into the pleasure of mastering the flow of time and of holding the future in the present.” – Henri Bergson


Simple moment
Brief interlude
Pass through

A clinically precise, simple, and clean-edged vision of ancillary architecture stops the explorer in his tracks. Patches of organized color, following the physics of waves, renders such separations as relational exaggerations.

“Photography is nature seen from the eyes outward, painting from the eyes inward.” – Charles Sheeler

Enumerated Repetition

Sequence position
Context convention
Natural law

Solid shelter protection opposed to tempests and uncertainties offers mental affinities. When the built environment is comfortable and nice, consciousness is conditioned to amiably interact.

“A house is no home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as for the body.” – Margaret Fuller

Guerrero Banana Plantation

Rich soil
Much sunshine
Frequent heavy rains

Surprisingly, bananas are the most consumed fruit in the United States. Although not indigenous to Mexico, banana exports have risen rapidly in recent years. The production of bananas for export came with colonialism, promoted as bringing ‘modernity’ to tropical regions by making beneficial use of otherwise worthless jungle.

“Time flies like an arrow – but fruit flies like a banana.” – Terry Wogan