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Corona shine
Beautifully eerie
Basic observation

A transcendent celestial event confronts the absolute. Maple Leaf Lake Conservation Area in Lafayette County Missouri at 38.9958° N latitude, 93.7929° W
longitude on 21August2017 at 1:10pm Central Daylight Time.

“Whenever a total eclipse of the sun was visible in an accessible region, parties were sent out to observe it.” – Simon Newcomb

Road Rush

Geometricized time
Organizing information
Sympathetic temperament

An essential feature associated with existence is irretrievably lost in the theory of spacetime. Specifically, conflating time and space destroys the present. Einstein said, “we who understand science know that the distinction between past, present and future is an illusion.” Nevertheless, that which is real at any specific occasion, in that present moment, is real independent of any observation. Try not to confuse measurements with the entities being measured.

“In science there are no ‘depths’; there is surface everywhere.” – Rudolf Carnap


Symbols for the abstract
Extensively annotated
Walk in the sun

Surrendering to the transformative powers of physical exertion, earthly ambitions fall away. Free movement in the open air can generate a plethora of stimulating ideas, engaging the mind and the spirit. Nietzsche walked to facilitate thought, while Kant walked to escape the ‘compulsion of thought.’

“Nature is a unity of diverse and opposing forces, a harmony of opposites.” – Heraclitus

Ritual Order

Life is habit
Dynamic in nature
Extensively treated

Late summer marks my annual pilgrimage to the Missouri State Fair as a creative experience. With senses operating at their peak, the moment resonates in aesthetic splendor.

“Ritual is the passage way of the soul into the Infinite.” – Algernon Blackwood

Functional Relation

Observed events
Cause dependent
Idea guidance

Temporarily eclipsed by the contingent overpass, changing particulars emerge in transit. If understanding must be certain to qualify as knowledge, then it follows that no knowledge may be possible. Any wisdom involves a variety of faith.

“It is the harmony of the diverse parts, their symmetry, their happy balance; in a word it is all that introduces order, all that gives unity, that permits us to see clearly and to comprehend at once both the ensemble and the details.” – Henri Poincaré


Advanced transportation
Exhaustive forces
Cultural diffusion

In its older philosophical signification, spiritualism denotes a system that maintains an independent existence of an immaterial reality imperceptible by sensation. This implies cosmic forces lying beyond the reach of utterly materialistic interpretations.

“In order to advance with the moving reality, you must replace yourself within it. Install yourself within change, and you will grasp at once both change itself and the successive states in which it might at any instant be immobilized.” – Henri Bergson


More position accuracy
Less momentum precision
Inexact simultaneous values

Derived from quantum mechanics, physical certainty is limited by indeterminacy in extremely small structures. Yet as quantum events do not intervene with the rational mental faculties, most contingent events are overwhelmingly ‘adequately determined.’ The texture and substance of phenomena are stitched together by perception, understanding and reason.

“The estimate of our rational cognition a priori at which we arrive is that it has only to do with phenomena, and that things in themselves, while possessing a real existence, lie beyond its sphere.” – Immanuel Kant

Flow Equilibrium

High state of order
Far from equilibrium
Emergent complexity

An enormously sophisticated Universe implicates nature as intricate and positively infinite. As an aesthetic consequence, projects to describe and explicate existence propagate forevermore.

“It is necessary to study not only parts and processes in isolation, but also to solve the decisive problems found in organization and order unifying them, resulting from dynamic interaction of parts, and making the behavior of the parts different when studied in isolation or within the whole.” – Ludwig von Bertalanffy

Universal Quality

Underlying unity
Appropriate harmony
Objective postulate

Does the Universe possess an internally or externally assigned function? In his great Socratic dialogue, The Republic, Plato defines virtue as the degree of effective functionality. For example, to perform its appropriate function properly, a knife’s virtue is its sharpness. This delimitation implies that anything that exists without a designed purpose is virtueless. Meanwhile, Plato says natural beauty is closest to the greatest good.

“The Beautiful is not beautiful because of any externally posited function it has, whether beneficial, pleasant, or useful.” – Steven Barbone

Determining Principle

Intelligible structure
Permanent reality
Subject to change

A basic experienced duality of existence distinguishes between the formal essences of things opposed to the structural material of objects. Sometimes aesthetics explores the coherent organization of the corresponding relationship unity of these co-principles.

“It is pointless to do with more what can be done with fewer.” – William of Ockham