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Ephemeral Impressions

Conscious experience view
Elevated expectation
Structural forms

George Berkeley advanced a theory he called “immaterialism,” advocating that the mind constitutes the ultimate reality, while denying the existence of external matter. If this were the case, why would we need sensory organs?

“My preference for clear structures is the result of my desire – perhaps illusory – to keep track of things and maintain my grip on the world.” – Andreas Gursky

Grasp Gist

Dialectical genesis
Fabrication means
Fundamental condition

Into the cool damp darkness of the early morning, the local street light illuminates the western Pin Oak in my front yard. Concerned with action through opposing forces, the aesthetic question is often one of reconciliation.

“Meanings are not determined by situations, but we determine ourselves by the meanings we give to situations.” – Alfred Adler

Color Splash

Cheer up
Aesthetic promise
In the neighborhood

Walking is a rudimentary surefire path to generating pleasure, relaxation, and mental stimulation. Along the way, existence provides moments of wonder as a creative resource.

“My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way.” – Ernest Hemingway

A Serious Hook

Lies before me
It leans quietly
Luxurious rust

So as not to disturb the associated workers that have a use for this formidable tool, an image is captured quickly of an instrument well positioned.

“It is necessary to write, that much is clear, and to write in a way quite unlike any way which I have employed before.” – Iris Murdoch

Magic in the Night

Dancing around
Hauntingly beautiful
Close to home

Sometimes ambient conditions are so potent, I am drawn by their power into an environment of mystery and delight. Esoteric operations are in play just outside my reassuring front door.

“And in the lonely cool before dawn, you hear their engines roaring on, but when you get to the porch they’re gone.” – Bruce Springsteen

Regulations Suspended

Carnival event
Central celebration
Spectator performance

Corn Dogs and Ferris Wheels………… not confined in space/time, the liberated and intimate attitude of the carnival enables everything which is normally separated to bond.

“The way in which I create myself is by means of a quest. I go out into the world in order to come back with a self.” – Mikhail Bakhtin


Executable package
Radiation interaction
Triggered appropriately

This narrowing attention occurs according to a vision that attributes virtually no limit to what can become a source of aesthetic experience.

“Nothing’s perfect, the world’s not perfect. But it’s there for us, trying the best it can; that’s what makes it so damn beautiful.” – Hiromu Arakawa

Good Sunshine

Day invents itself
Rule-governed resources
Dramatization allegory

The singular structure of an “ambientambulation” event blends seamlessly into the fabric of space/time. Curvature changes from point to point, depending on the amount of mass-energy present at each location.

“We take a walk, the sun is shining down–Burns my feet as they touch the ground.” – Paul Mccartney

Cryptic Messaging

Arbitrary symbols
Constrained language
Revealed code

Finding novel objects as creative source material within familiar environs indicates the infinite potential resident in the everyday. Each new moment contains possibilities that can emerge through dynamic imagination.

“The words. Why did they have to exist? Without them, there wouldn’t be any of this.” – Markus Zusak

Dialogic Imagination

Complications unique
Inhere in time
Combined effects

Anticipation and aspiration congregate around the carnival food dispensary, as a tense feeling of nervous energy promulgates on the midway. Society needs safe zones of controlled pressure release.

“We do not pretend to completeness or precision in our theoretical formulations and definitions.” – Mikhail Bakhtin