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Phase unification
Directional change
Harmonious summation

Kant commits to the universal validity of the principle of causation as a condition of possible experience. Thus, experience is necessarily a temporal meandering. The subjective succession of apprehension manifests as objective states of affairs. An experience of objective successiveness correlates to a universal entitlement to draw conclusions about something preceding and constraining whatever is perceived as currently prevalent.

“Plunge boldly into the thick of life, and seize it where you will, it is always interesting.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Indifferent Glance

Oscillations in succession
Produced in space
Qualitative multiplicity

In the night, inseparable parts of a single continuous process exceed the narrow purposes of practical expediency. Therefore, the rhythmic organization of the whole experience combines in an organic visual synthesis. Constantly changing, conscious existence is mutable in its fluidity.

“Intuition is the joy of difference.” – Gilles Deleuze

Think Beyond

Substantive aporia
Concealed sources
Distinct responses

Sometimes we can be satisfied with only an accurate reminiscence of inherent complexity.

“They grasped that reason can only see into what it produces through its own projection that it leads with principles of judgment according to constant laws, not allowing itself to dangle on nature’s rein , but insisting that nature answer its questions.” – Immanuel Kant

Figment Reality

Common tales
Profitable provinces
Earthly sovereignty

Many furtive conceptions arise in obscure conclusions, incidental but dependent upon experience. Usage and context give to the moment an expression of definite meaning.

“The land of shadows is the paradise of dreamers.” – Immanuel Kant


Desirable elements
Away from home
Above the bay

The imagination is the ultimate developer and adjudicator of all philosophical systems. Exactly conformable to experience, certain spatial and temporal conditions facilitate contemplative conclusions.

“Of all relations the most universal is that of identity, being common to every being, whose existence has any duration.” – David Hume

Silence of Season

Take a look down
Out from the shadows
Letting in the sunshine

A real point of arrival situates on the banks of an evaporating lake. Squeezed color and provocation contribute to an impression of propitious accord. Sun shining spectacle marks the aspect, as the strength of seeing lies within you.

“Stand on hills of long forgotten yesterdays; pass amongst your memories told returning ways, as certain as we walk today.” – Jon Anderson

Control Attempt

Almost overgrown
Natural reclamation
Things solve themselves

Overgrown shreds of our memories emerge from rich corinthian leather. Within the complex interlocking of ecology, survival intricately executes. Humans have no privileged place in nature and are subject to organic controls.

“She had drawn the veil across the view toward the past; now she looked forward only.” – George R. Stewart

Raw Feel

Cognitive continuum
Assimilated intentionality
Sensory episode

An ontological challenge located on the interface boundary is understood in terms of non-inferential sensation response.

“Instead of coming to have a concept of something because we have noticed that sort of thing, to have the ability to notice a sort of thing is already to have the concept of that sort of thing, and cannot account for it.” – Wilfrid Sellars

Affirm the Existence

Merely to say
Unactualized possibilities
Ontological agreement

Sometimes ‘things-in-themselves’ are distinctly interesting in their presented space and time coordinates. Through aesthetic appraisement, metaphysics is capable of extending our knowledge of reality.

“To be is to be the value of a variable.” – Willard Van Orman Quine

Will Extricate

Unitary system
Praxis delimits a field
Implicit transcendent element

The dynamics of the unconscious may be an intellectualization. Well-equipped concepts, in the process of formation, are in relation to functions that are more general. This rationalization is certainly one of the many features implicating aesthetic creation.

“Nature provides signifiers, and these signifiers organize human relations in a creative way, providing them with structures and shaping them.” – Jacques Lacan