Monthly Archives: October 2016

Eye of the Storm

Silver patterns
Turbulent skies
Beauty cries

A relatively stable solar orbit provides the determining conditions for life on this planet, while a tilted rotational axis injects a degree of random variability. From a distance and localized towards the northwest, a thunderstorm dominates the atmospheric horizon. Invoking the sublime, observational reflection overrides an instinctually sudden involuntary reflex.

“When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.” – Haruki Murakami

Marr Park

Aura resonance
Borne forward
Living presence

My long fast walks are now being augmented by having a camera along for the ride. Daily vicissitudes offer novel visual opportunity with each hike. Part of the appeal is developing the most efficient imaging convey accoutrements.

“The formation of a hypothesis is really a form of pattern recognition, which is intimately related to the global nature of intuitive thought.” – Evelyn H. Monsay

Functionalism Conformation

Physical material
Variable realization
Structure effect

The overhead shelter configuration at the Outer Banks Visitor’s Center is surprisingly abstract.

“Orientation amounts to a reconnection with these more ultimate surroundings.” – Edward S. Casey

Simultaneous Occurrence

Direction instant
Maneuver control
Ephemeral adaptation

Experience is subjectively individual as existence is much more extensive than its perceivable physical properties. We only have access to an exceedingly small range of actuality, a condition that renders imagination most precious. Experience is implicitly phenomenological where psychological images have meanings that diverge from pure physical descriptions.

“By hypothesis, I knew all about the physical and structural properties of color experience before I walked out of my front door.” – Mary the Super-Scientist


Window medium
Sensation stimulation
Appearance offered

Intense sunlight from a low angle blasts the western side of a neon window sign. Projected onto horizontal slats, the resulting cast shadow advances indexical delight. As a crucial attribute of contemporary existence, authenticity is an important context-dependent topic of analysis.

“To view something as an index, the perceiver must believe that it actually has the factual and spatio-temporal link that is claimed.” – Kent Grayson

Mimeses Imagination

Unity of essence
Logical emotion
Process interfusion

Crystalline pastel moments justify emergence of novel conscious states. Catering to sight while time traveling through the terminal, some designed spaces expand horizons of the possible.

“Studying consciousness tells us more about how the world is fundamentally strange. I think we have a few revolutions to go yet before we get to the bottom of it.” – David Chalmers


Walk free
Sky above
Shore my own

Experiencing an ambient occurrence on the continental perimeter strikes a deep emotional chord. The integrated ecosphere is as fundamental as the embodied cerebral spirit. Sensations, instincts, and consciousness all coalesce in the élan vital in rapport with substantial existence.

“In an emotional process each aspect of the process runs its own temporal course and there is continuous feedback of various sorts from one aspect to another.” – Jenefer Robinson


Isolate attention
Durable evidence
Novel combinations

Experiencing the physically embodied passage through an airport terminal, complete with fashionable merchandising enticements, sometimes the aesthetic response to stimulus is a matter of describing. Moving rapidly between gates, using a long-exposure panning technique variant, the essence of the moment explicates.

“We find in texts only what we put into them.” – Maurice Merleau-Ponty


Moment occasion
Convey presence
Morning radiance

Intuition is not a definable singular object, but rather the combination of various cognitive processes operative below the awareness threshold. Cognitive functions are the cerebral activities that lead to knowledge, including all modes and procedures of acquiring information. In this regard, all conscious mental processes can function in analogous fashion below awareness. As a task of experience, all the following intuitional modalities combine in fluctuating proportions: emotions, instincts, feelings, automaticity, fast and slow thinking, reasoning, concept formation, problem-solving, decision-making, memory, attention, intentionality, and criticality. Repeated exposure to a specific domain is an essential condition for developing expert intuition supporting creativity.

“At any given time, many modular cerebral networks are active in parallel and process information in an unconscious manner.” – Lionel Naccache

In Appearance

Complex situations
Tranquil innocence
State of beauty

Finding readymade abstractions is a matter of selection framing. Considering the case of large blue dumpsters, close observation of stylish age conditioning offers aesthetic pleasure in novelty detection.

“The flux of neuronal workspace states associated with a perceptual experience is vastly beyond accurate verbal description or long-term memory storage.” – Stanislas Dehaene