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Fluid dynamics
Pipe flow properties
Pressure control

Although a myriad of thoughts and feelings pass through the mind, our interpretation choices dictate autonomy. In the creative life, aesthetics can operate as a stream-of-consciousness regulator while alleviating both internal and external pressure. Balance is achieved when the controllable boundary is identified delimitating action parameters.

“Freedom is the only worthy goal in life. It is won by disregarding things that lie beyond our control.” – Epictetus

Tacit Anticipation

Situated nature
Spatial aspects
Action possibilities

My apparent purpose as an embodied agent in the world is to seek aesthetic harmony by existence accord in an aware mental state of wonderment. This way of being involves both conscious and unconscious processes tapping reason and emotion.

“The phenomenologist studies perception, not as a purely subjective phenomenon, but as it is lived through by a perceiver who is in the world, and who is also an embodied agent with motives and purposes.” – Dan Zahavi

Merchant Vessel

Rosario Strait
Water crossing
Onboard experience

Reasoned emotion plays across the awareness threshold as a function of imagination. During a relatively short ferryboat ride, concentration and rapid exploration maximize the available aesthetic contingency. The unity of the present incorporates a temporal durational cognizance that brackets any immediate perception.

“The effects of many things are clearer in one of the senses than in another, so that all the senses bear an analogy to and illustrate one another.” – Edmund Burke


Spatial motility
Aloof consciousness
Schematized sensitivity

Rather than being an uncomfortable physical chore, traversing the airport terminal can be an aesthetic visual delight full of significance and meaning. Recognized as a creative opportunity, the journey egress becomes as efficacious as the destination potential.

“Vision is already inhabited by a meaning which gives it a function in the spectacle of the world and in our existence.” – Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Self Similar Form

Successive finishing
Particular recurrence
Within its own definition

In an abstract detail extraction, light and shadow redefine an object of modernity. Temporal slices are of necessity comprised of singular sequential durational segments. Even the seemingly simple is full of involvedness.

“Temporal ‘fading’ into the past is not equivalent to the fading of a fading image that remains perceptually present.” – Shaun Gallagher


Artificially induced
Heightened susceptibility
Sideshow jollification

Experiencing the structure of experience is exaggerated by creating a temporary artificial environment in what amounts to a large parking lot. The absurdity of the event adds to its attraction, as awareness is never an isolated or simple process.

“I was sure that somewhere a grandiose carnival was going on in the sky, and I was missing it.” – Eve Babitz

Heterogeneous Reflection

Labyrinthine relationship
Complex amalgamation
Tightly entangled

For Plato reality is comprised of the universal Eternal Forms. In this formulation, reality is a reduction effort to place particular individual instances into abstract imaginary mental classifications. For him then, reality is a function of intelligibility, determining a degree of relative similarity as comprehended by the human mind in contrast to sense perception. Kant made similar claims about a priori knowledge as independent of the content of sense experience. Nevertheless, is there any evidence about the nature of reality beyond sensory perception? Should an aspiring philosopher seek extended sensory deprivation?

“The philosophers are the ones who are able to grasp what is always the same in all respects, while those who cannot–those who wander among the many things that vary in every sort of way–are not philosophers.” – Plato


Affective forces
Competing imperatives
Harmonic potential

Periodic encounters that rekindle an awareness of the impenetrable are congenial for the soul. Being in the present is more than just rational contemplation, but rather caresses a surface integrity that enunciates locality. Knowledge flares up without the need for certainty.

“It is a flow of phenomena, unlimited at both ends, traversed by an intentional line that is, as it were, the index of the all-pervading unity.” – Edmund Husserl

Art in Sight

Close looking
Reveal an object
Observation experience

Considering the art gallery as a unified fine art experience, aesthetics can change the dynamics of space. Under these conditions, perception can become more about the creation of possibility than only about immediate actuality.

“It is true that alongside the states of consciousness which live this unshrinkable and inextensible duration, there are material systems which time merely glides over.” – Henri Bergson

Support Structure

Architectural interface
Existing space impulse
Discreet organization

We all must act in the now based on some expectation of consequences. In this encounter, organizational tendencies establish pattern recognition capacity tracing an uncertain reality. Going with the flow is to accept the power of unconscious mental cognition, trusting in creative potential.

“Some objects, created by human hands, have, for whatever reason, been charged with a power to produce an aesthetic emotion in sensitive viewers…the power to produce an aesthetic emotion is inherent in significant form.” – Clive Bell