Monthly Archives: August 2016

Happy Medium

Distance shore
Artificial dunes
Invent dreams

Stabilization measures that appear natural but are nevertheless artificial currently define much of the Outer Banks. The hand of man heavily influences the landscape, even when its significance is largely hidden.

“Shining lies in the middle between sensible and intelligible.” – John Sallis

Pure Intuitions

Empiric reality
Transcendental ideality
Space and time

When the window of opportunity opens, preparation makes the most of all available imagined possibilities. The trajectory of creativity is decidedly non-linear, and yet like time flows in a general direction forward. Part of the present is a projection of the past into the future.

“The fundamental cleavage of subject and object signifies that only subject and object together make knowledge possible.” – Karl Jaspers

Experimental Givens

Reflective consciousness
Common characteristics
Subsequent abstraction

I decided to visit the State Fair in the middle of a bright sunny day and make a series of direct impressionistic photographs with my pinhole turret. From an imaginative transcendental viewpoint, this technical approach was a good choice. Exercising creative proclivity validates the existence of free will.

“Awareness of principles is a primordially presentive act and, as such, is analogous to sense perception, not to imagination.” – Edmund Husserl

On the Lopez Ferry

Gray day
Shore to shore
Pressure variation

Perceptual associations merge with deeper meanings, as the ferryboat offers an interesting presence to explore during an open water transit. The conveyance purpose was just a bonus attribute of a transitional aesthetic experience.

“To strive after absolute appearance demands greater capacity for abstraction, more freedom of heart, more vigor of will than man needs if he confines himself to reality.” – Friedrich Schiller

Natural Attitude

Vital experience
Consciousness mode
Imagination reflection

Adventure awaits just outside the immediate confines of home. Nevertheless, to explore the potential of any venue requires the concerted effort of proper positioning. Repeated exposure develops more nuanced understanding.

“As long as the image is conceived after the classical fashion as a thing in consciousness rather than after the phenomenological fashion as an act of consciousness, imagination can never be fully recognized for what it really is.” – Richard Kearney


Spatial dimension
Formative position
Inaccessible places

Seeking the real in muscular indexical tracing, distinctions occur in the extreme heat of a late summer’s day. There is an organic wholeness, associated with diptych constructs, that evolves in geometrical progression. The given is an equation ready to be determined.

“The life-giving zeal in a work of art is deeply imbedded in its qualitative substance.” – Hans Hofmann

Primordially Present

Necessary structure
Contingent content
Evident givenness

The interface between land and sea forever remains a fascinating boundary. Both nuance and command combine in eminence with a magnetic attraction. The lived experience of being on the shore helps position a subject as part of a mysterious whole.

“It is right that art should always provide assistance to nature, for in cooperation the two may bring about perfection.” – Loginus

Stack Overflow

Collection of elements
Neatly arranged
Lean-to pile

Visually organizing a random monochromatic pattern of folding chairs, efficiently positioned as standing reserve, supports clear insight. The validity of all rational assertions stems from a generalization of particulars into abstractions.

“The aesthetic object is the work of art perceived as a work of art, that is, the work of art which gets the perception it solicits and deserves and which is fulfilled in the spectator’s docile consciousness.” – Mikel Dufrenne

Inspired by Louise

Beautiful moment
Element arrangement
In the sunlight

It is nice when the embarkation and the destination are intellectually equivalent. Under such conditions of understanding, in its infinite particularity, the primacy of the journey is firmly established. Emotionally experiencing our relationship to elegance builds deep meaning within the otherwise inconsequential. Trivial significance opens doors of perception.

“Aesthetics is that kind of meditation on art in which humanity’s state of feeling in relation to the beautiful represented in art is the point of departure and the goal that sets the standard for all its definitions and explanations.” – Martin Heidegger

Fire Ball

Liberating period
Actualizing forces
Shape shifting

Sensory overload on the Midway reaches a peak at dusk, when bright moving lights balance with the fading daylight. This short window of visual opportunity stimulates the ancient inquiry into the nature of beauty as being either universal or subjective. Fortunately, resolution of this question is not required for aesthetic appreciation.

“Beauty is, for the greater part, some quality in bodies, acting mechanically upon the human mind by the intervention of the senses.” – Edmund Burke