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Distinctively Sensuous

Systematic structure
Conceptual clarity
Freedom character

When reflecting on the participative aspects of durational experience, it is nice to have others similarly involved. Shared events increase validity in an uncertain world of normative and metaphysical components. Troublesome antinomies become aesthetic strategies.

“We are obliged to grant these images a certain objectivity, from the mere fact that they both attract and interest many dreamers.” – Gaston Bachelard

Absolute Spirit

Pure reason
Living matter
Rational principles

Productive imagination supports visceral experience as the objects perceived and perceiving subject fuse in a perceptual performance. In this act, Kant believed that the free play of imagination evokes much thought without the possibility of settling on any specific thought or concept. Of course, this belief is itself is a concept and so must not be part of imaginative free play.

“We are conscious of universal objects in acts which differ essentially from those in which we are conscious of individual objects.” – Edmund Husserl


Individual article
Table accoutrements
Reflection assemblage

The philosophical terms absolute and relative refer to the mutual interdependence of objects, processes, and understanding. In this formulation, absolute means independent, permanent, unquantifiable, and universal. In opposite juxtaposition, relative indicates that which is partial, transient, contingent, and/or dependent on subjective perspective. Just as energy can exist simultaneously as both wave and particle, existence itself can exist as both relative and absolute.

“Art reveals the absolute in a sensory form.” – Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Sensuous Qualities

Beyond the limit
Separate existence
Transcending thought

Form and content, just like subject and object, are enigmatically connected. An identifiable object and/or event embody an apparent design or arrangement of component parts that is a function of sensible properties. Without sensible properties, aesthetic experience would not be possible.

“Taste manifests a robust individualism and autonomy that cognitive and linguistic norms lack.” – David Berger

Multiplicity Unity

Relative abstract
Partial expression
Symbolic expression

Durational performances conducted in the near dark, by gathering energy over time through relative motion, continue to drive the “Point Source” series. The combination of control, coupled with development of events by chance, fuels the awareness potential.

“Phenomenon and thing in itself are untenable notions from the standpoint of objective knowledge, but in their failure they are indispensable.” – Karl Jaspers

Potential for Poetry

High Percentage
Never get there

While functioning as an itinerate aesthetician within the airport terminal building, I consider the philosophical proposal to question all matters pertaining to existence. This involves the relation between thinking and being in the present, or the awareness intensity of sensuous experience subject to intellectual organizing principles.

“If the antepredicative moment is really pure, it is not known how it can engender and found a sense that becomes progressively complicated and that gains autonomy while remaining dependent on its origin.” – Jacques Derrida

Determining Ground

Natural inclination
Pleasure existence
Shared in common

Events constitute mental life as being about certain things and their relationships. In this frame, configuring circumstances for aesthetic delight indicates that taste, like consciousness, must be intentional and “directed toward” something. Experience is what it is like for you to have an occurrence.

“Taste must be represented in conjunction with something else, if the delight attending the mere reflection upon an object is to admit of any further connection with a pleasure in the existence of the object.” – Immanuel Kant

Observed Sequences

Inexorable compulsion
Emerging necessity
Descriptive generalization

Volatility shifting as an ever-progressive flux seems to operate within a larger predicable structure. Planning decisions rely on this perceived pattern predictability, while adaptability allows for contingency response. The aesthetic life spills over into all affairs, imbuing events with wonder.

“The sensible world consequently presents, so far as the general experience of mankind goes, the appearance of strict regulation.” – Bertram C. A. Windle


Clearly close
Interest changing
In the presence

The evening weather started out cloudy and threatening to rain, but soon the sky cleared off and the stars appeared. This provided a different take on the “Under Cover” series, which otherwise would not have been initiated.

“I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.” – Stephenie Meyer

Precise Difference

Given objects
Similar causes
Stimulate vision

Complementing geometric shapes give form to content, as mysterious elements are hidden in the details.

“Twice and thrice over, as they say, good is it to repeat and review what is good.” – Plato