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Tacit Realm

Natural occurrence
Essential compensation
Definite structure reaction

The unconscious is an extremely dynamic entity that fosters much intellectual complexity. Difficulties unavoidably ensue whenever the mind seeks the unknown and imperceptible. In this regard, much of the unconscious involves things in us, which if they came to consciousness, would in no way differ from known mental content. This includes everything known but not currently thought, everything previously aware but forgotten, everything sensed but ignored, everything involuntarily felt, thought, remembered, desired, and acted upon, and all things mentally formulating that will sometime in the future come to consciousness. This last distinction is the process of intuition.

“What nature leaves imperfect, the art perfects.” – Carl Jung


Aestheticized play
Liberal civilization
Entertainment constraints

A necessary causation model can predict phase boundary contingencies. In this iteration, the airport terminal offers a large space of contrivance that exhibits uniformity across the global village. If there is no fixed human essence, at least certain structures repeat as indications of restraint. Free will can only be exercised within deterministic limits.

“The greatest point of art consists in the introduction of suitable abstractions.” – Charles Sanders Peirce

Entwined Sensations

Ebb and flow
Abstract indices
Opened world

A multiplicity of circumstances contributes to the aesthetic product resulting from diurnal events. Durational influences include unfolding weather, venue selection, and exposure timing, all of which are informed by subjective emotional response. Within this mix, an element of serendipity is always spicing up the occurrence.

“To understand these transubstantiations we must go back to the working, actual body–not the body as a chunk of space or a bundle of functions, but that body which is an intertwining of vision and movement.” – Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Seasonal Time

Transformation sky
Awakens moods within
Natural paradigm

Autonomous artwork is a fragment of the absolute totality from which it detached. Engagement in the aesthetic process, however, is to be one with an embodied and contingent existence. In this realm, to see different aspects of things makes perception a creative receptivity.

“There is no art that is not the art of a clear touch on the obscure threshold of sense.” – Jean-Luc Nancy


Modern conditions
Stylistic considerations
Within retrospective logic

Intuition is the apparent ability to understand or to know something directly, without applying or requiring conscious reasoning. The intellectual process, on the other hand, is the application of reason in critical evaluation, thought, and reflection about the reality of existence. These two modalities work synergistically in responding to stimulation.

“Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Theorizing Praxis

Method transformation
Incessant forward movement
Completely universal

Sonorous coming into presence is simultaneously close and distant, because after having been sensed, it remains somewhere out there. Acting within an occurrent art, my freedom I hold dear, smoothly moving through an aesthetic space. All space of sense is common space and the entire body is involved.

“They are conceived in their ideal exactness as measurable; the units of measurement, themselves ideal, simply have the meaning of spatiotemporal magnitudes.” – Edmund Husserl


Main axis
Cross check
Rapid origin

The artist can explore the border between meaning and actuality while abandoning comfortable convention. Between objects and perception is sensation. Coupled with sensory modification, imagination opens-up interpretation to infinite potential.

“Abstract art recomposes the senses.” – Brian Massumi

Socked In

Misty shroud
Vaporous night
Indistinct envelope

While distant lights glow on the horizon, an inadvertent energy coincidence over the lake briefly illuminates small droplets of water suspended in air. This happenstance opens up new avenues of visual exploration potential. Bring on the dispersions.

“Nothing repeats itself, nothing ever comes back, except coming itself, which is never the same–but, rather, the indefinitely altered return of the same.” – Jean-Luc Nancy

That of Which

Privation annulment
Sensible instance
In front of itself

Truth operates in all the usual places, giving a glimpse of meaning between representation and actuality. Navigating the considerable fissure between any duality set, an aesthetic approach seeks the common ground of the border. Authenticity of existence is not a conferred property assigned from the outside, but rather is self-contained.

“All values are human values, relative values, in art as well as elsewhere.” – Clement Greenberg