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General Sphere

Frequent experience
Inner unity
Impulse content

The mysteries of existence are manifest at every moment. Under certain extenuating circumstances, in the unity of a contemporaneous intuition, enigmas become even more apparent. Certain objective conditions must exist for it to be possible to even have an experience.

“The fact that all objects of experience are from the first experienced as known according to their type has its basis in the sedimentation of all apperceptions and in their habitual continued action on the basis of associative awakening.” – Edmund Husserl

Obtained by Inference

Working free
Entangling particulars
Expression promulgated

Albedo depends on the frequency of the incident radiation. In this durational episode on an overcast winter’s night, the pink glow of Higginsville is accentuated by a snow–temperature feedback loop.

“To continue thinking unchallenged is, ninety-nine times out of a hundred, our practical substitute for knowing in the completed sense.” – William James

Immanent Interests

Enunciating unmasking
Confirmatory reverberation
Beverage distribution tent

Color in the form of shape relationships arranges itself pleasurably at the transaction interface. Although seeking a refreshment interlude is part of the festival activity trajectory, the aesthetic impulse never takes a break.

“Living beings can be known only in terms of success or failure. They comprise ascending levels of successful existing and behaving.” – Michael Polanyi

Teleological Judgment

Following inquiry
Fundamental purpose
Force to impenetrability

Our inner life differs from the existence of inert matter by consisting in the continuous permeation of the present by all the past. Thought and behavior are conditioned both consciously and unconsciously. Aesthetic sensibility is the advancing boundary between the past and the future drifting forward.

“We pass, by imperceptible stages, from recollections strung out along the course of time to the movements which indicate their nascent or possible action in space.” – Henri Bergson

Dynamic Nature

Succession phenomena
Reciprocal action
Objectively valid

Rendering uncertainty certain, the foundation of knowledge is infinitely deep. There is always something else beneath the current level of understanding. Thus, drawing on accumulated experience, all action must proceed based on probability calculations of the sensate agent.

“There belong to judgments based on experience the knowledge and insight into agreement and connection, not so much of phenomena in experience, as of the relation of phenomena to experience generally.” – Immanuel Kant

Beyond the Horizon

Point of union
Harmony perfection

In boundless speculative enthusiasm, aesthetics allows for the free play of imagination to formulate new concepts unmitigated by old concepts. In this light, creativity is a hypothetical and tentative experiment inspired by a profound sense of the reality of existence.

“We do not need to look beyond the critical explanation of the possibility of knowledge to find ample reason for assuming a subjective appropriateness on the part of nature in its particular laws.” – Immanuel Kant

Tenable Philosophy

Methodical experiment
Subjective significance
Reliability reason

By tracing a succession of cause and effect, the life performer arranges the truths thus established into a harmonious structure. In this rhythmic dance, the distinction between form and substance is of supreme consequence.

“A movement that we will to execute is never more than a represented movement, and appears in a different domain from that of the executed movement, which always takes place when the image is vivid enough.” – Ernst Mach

Fundamental Structures

Successful reciprocity
Asymmetrical dialectic
Ontological elaboration

Whenever traveling east on highway 50, heading towards Sedalia just past the town of Knob Noster, I enjoy photographing the Silo Tree as it flies by my window. It is interesting to speculate on the contingency of free will in relation to determinism in such an exceptional display of adaptive behavior.

“The confirmation of what exists, how and what it is, is the sense of all cognitive activity.” – Edmund Husserl


Existent details
Formal conditions
Application profundity

In the wintertime, tree silhouettes contrasting against the sky are analeptic.

“Considering the fact that our very souls are form and that all we do in life is forming and being formed, we shall be impressed again with the importance of form.” – Paul Carus

Into the Night

Soul in the sky
Each tremble time
Systematic exposition

Patterns repeat in infinitely various permutations, providing a structure for creative progression. The promise of life is to add something new to the accumulating discourse. This is the aesthetic approach to meaning.

“There are things that intelligence alone is able to seek, but which, by itself, it will never find. These things instinct alone could find; but it will never seek them.” – Henri Bergson