Monthly Archives: January 2016

Over the Pass

Standing watch
Trees meet snow
Manifest formation

Apprehension at high altitude, truth is revealed as independent of time, desire and action. There are forms in the world that belong to everything, both material and spiritual. Vector geometry can be expanded to unlimited dimensions.

“All differences are ultimately differences of form, and all that we do or try to do, be it in art, in invention, or in morality, is by molding and remolding things as well as ourselves.” – Paul Carus

Heuristic Guide

Further development
Inexhaustible range
Universal intent

A framework of commitment serves as an anchoring of a concealed reality uncovered in the shadow of night. Things become increasing familiar with repeated exposure, yet remain infinitely dynamic in their particulars.

“An empirical statement is true to the extent to which it reveals an aspect of reality, a reality largely hidden to us, and existing therefore independent of our knowing it.” – Michael Polanyi

Night Glow

Tacit assent
Sharing idiom
Fiduciary framework

Adapting to circumstantial contingencies is aesthetically rewarding. When going out to photograph the stars at night, a solidly overcast sky offers an entirely diverse experience. Little towns can emit much illumination.

“Science exists only to the extent to which there lives a passion for its beauty, a beauty believed to be universal and eternal.” – Michael Polanyi

Front Yard

Decorative attribute
Utilitarian features
Recreation area

Traveling out into the undeveloped regions of almost any country provides insight into possible modes of existence. It is interesting to speculate on reality as a fabricated condition, subject to contingencies of locality and temporality.

“Complete perception is only defined and distinguished by its coalescence with a memory-image, which we send forth to meet it.” – Henri Bergson

Pure Transcendence

Essential nature
Eidetic knowledge
Inexhaustible singularity

Starting from the natural setting, refining experience in the light of night, the real object is the thing out there. The artist describes and makes statements concerning existence, fortifying and presenting the self-evident.

“Here the unknown still boarders on the known.” – Edmund Husserl


High pyramid
Archaeological site
Preserve excavation

There are ancient pyramids scattered all over the planet, from many dissimilar cultures and civilizations, representing many diverse architectural approaches and styles. This seems to indicate something universal about certain geometrical forms.

“The idea behind structuralism is that there are things we may not know but we can learn how they are related to each other.” – Claude Lévi-Strauss

Mud Stroll

Inclination directs
Taking the long way
Breath of fresh air

Intense heat and high humidity in the Mexican hinterland punctuate a walk along a wet dirt road.

“An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” – Henry David Thoreau

Long Distance

For curious eyes
Roadside landscape
Knowing nowness

Ride the highway west. In the observation seat, moving out into and through the country on a winter’s day, the mountains loom on the horizon. The west is the best.

“Right here you have it: Is man in control of nature or is he, as part of it, going along with it?” – John Cage


Curiously distinct
Diagonal space
Enveloping part

The flexibility of the mind in processing and evaluating depends on the intelligence of the unconscious. Just as we recognize that the universe is enormous, we know the unconscious mind is potent. Accepting this mental model over time can help alleviate the liability felt when the desired solution to a difficult problem seems beyond reach.

“Anyone for whom in all the activity of the mind there is nowhere anything unconscious, and no region outside that of consciousness, will no more understand how the intelligence can forget itself in its products, than how the artist can be lost in his work.” – Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling

Warm Front

Leading edge
Broader trough
Isotherm gradient

Sometimes the confluence of atmospheric conditions makes sky music with an associated visual score. When two air masses with different temperatures and densities collide, the environment is charged with energy in the transition zone.

“Music is an unconscious exercise in metaphysics in which the mind does not know it is philosophizing.” – Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz