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Grecian Key

Heart of downtown
Authentic cuisine
Cozy atmosphere

Attracting attention using complementary colors and night brightness, a popular eatery offers up tasty vitals to go with its dazzling exterior illumination.

“Life is all about responding to challenges and seizing opportunities.” – Chip Kelly

Autonomous Sphere

Internal discrimination
Discursive regime
Modern matrix

To evolve on every dimension, nature appears to rely on universal recurring patterns. Awaken to authenticity by uncovering the concealed, not just as a remote observer, but rather as an active participant. By organizing energy over a span of time, creative imagination remains an enlightened implement.

“The potentials are unlimited. You should not ignore what you do not like. You should try to understand what you do not like. We need to know the unknown in order to survive.” – Sun Ra

Energy Influence

Haunting enigma
Changing contours
Loosely imbricated

Caught in cyclical thought processes, the moment regulates by recognizing patterns that predict future events. When iteratively responding to sensation, where do the translations end and the interpretations begin?

“This world is but canvas to our imaginations.” – Henry David Thoreau

Measure Up

Official permit
Means of access
Participation station

By participating in an amusement show of dynamic change, nearly every individual is affected by the traveling carnival that marks the passage of time.

“If taken outside its relationship to past and future, the present loses its integrity, breaks down into isolated phenomena and objects, making of them a mere abstract conglomeration.” – Mikhail Bakhtin

Life World

Explicitly thematic
Conscious horizon
Changing moment

Humans are very fortunate to be in a position to contemplate their own relationship to the universe. Experiencing duration that explicitly includes awareness of the diurnal cycle helps to establish the essence of life. Comprehensive explanations concerning the entire material and spiritual world are not required to appreciate participation in existence.

“In the life of particular interests we make use according to our particular needs of what exists in the broader sphere.” – Edmund Husserl


Controlled release
Excess water transfer
Overflow protection system

Creating a unique ecosystem with a divergent range of life forms, a verdant chute spillway conditions an interesting corner of Pape Lake. Chute spillways transmit supercritical water flow down the steep slope of an open channel. In this iteration, the tops of tress below the runoff rim are at the same level as grass overgrowing the inlet.

“The photographer projects himself into everything he sees, identifying himself with everything in order to know it and to feel it better.” – Minor White

Oasis Bar

Rusting sign
Main street refuge
Character contribution

Contributing to the repetition of experience, old symbols reach out to attract attention. Walking the cold quiet streets of Pocatello, varying conceptualizations of historicity emphasize linear progression through modulation of past events.

“A valid articulate framework may be a theory, or a mathematical discovery, or a symphony. Whichever it is, it will be used by dwelling in it, and this indwelling can be consciously experienced.” – Michael Polanyi

Contingent Truth

Absolutely necessary
Contrary implication
Sequence action

As planet-bound organisms, our knowledge of existence is always strictly circumscribed. Helping to stimulate speculation, the universe comes alive at night, uncovering the possibilities of space and time. Currently the edge of the observable universe is only 93 billion light years away. To establish perspective, one light year is nearly 6 trillion miles.

“And when my spirit comprehends at the same time and distinctly all the primary ingredients of a notion, it has intuitive knowledge of it, which is very rare, the greater part of human knowledge only being confused or suppositive.” – Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz


Pattern analysis
Statistical framework
Rooftop unit diagnostics

Observed from above, the lower structural components of pattern, texture, and geometry define a Zihuatanejo architectural personality. Sensation is a matter of recognizing difference within repetition, taking elements from one source and blending them with another.

“The more abstract is form, the more clear and direct its appeal.” – Wassily Kandinsky

Coexistent Multiplicities

Movement and time
Constructive pluralism
Concept transformation

Life becomes extremely interesting when positioned at intermediary boundaries. It is during transitional events that the potential essence of existence is uncovered.

“As though being came to fill in a void, order to organize a preceding disorder, the real to realize a primary possibility.” – Gilles Deleuze