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Lamplight Too

Tripping wanderer
On the path
Moderate flame

Mystical experiences that manifest in the world are immanently transcendent. The potential to be transported to another place and time, surpassing what is ordinarily available, constitutes a large component of aesthetic appeal. In the Kantian sense, this process is transcendental because we can only imagine alternatives within the conditions of knowledge possibility itself.

“Living interest in scientific knowledge develops the creative imagination, the intuitive vision in which the universal and particular are always one.” – F.W.J. Schelling

Pressure no Objectives

Boundless indefinite
Continual uncertainty
Clear of definitions

Enhancing the natural, temporary lights illuminate the night sky in a test of attractiveness. Art verifies itself in the act of making, informing future encounters with the unknown.

“As a role that everyone has, I would like to try to understand what is.” – Gerhard Richter


Eidetic analysis
Unusual vividness
Experience as lived

Comfortably exploring from within my customary stomping grounds, the ambient light is exquisite at Pertle Springs, seemingly almost predestined for my subjective use. For aesthetics to be meaningful, the encounter must not be disinterested in any sense of the word. Transformations are required whenever coming face to face with the real world.

“What I am trying to translate to you is more mysterious; it is entwined in the very roots of being, in the impalpable source of sensation.” – Joachim Gasquet


Functional interpretation
Phenomenological method
Transcendental in order

Discovering structural essence, a nighttime walk around Providence subsequently rewards with a fresh image processing technique. As innovative methods come to light, the image archive becomes enriched with new opportunity, opening up vistas of creative potential.

“The human mind is so constructed that it cannot begin to understand the new until it has done everything in its power to relate it to the old.” – Henri Bergson


Empty deluge
Profusion exuberance
Dish it out

Temporally abandon all restraint and indulge in all sorts of papillae stimulation. Clusters of various taste receptor cells send detected information via ion channels to the gustatory brain region through cranial nerves.

“The area was encompassed in a bubble of warm, fragrant steam from the funnel cake deep fryers. It smelled like sweet vanilla cake batter you licked off a spoon.” – Sarah Addison Allen

Exegesis Sunset

Critical explanation
Narrative interpretation
Action event

Natural events are often conceptualized in modernist, linear, and fundamentally metanarrative forms. In point of fact, essences are structural into which content is poured. Nevertheless, the present moment can only be analyzed by comparison to the past, and in that sense now is always the current end of history.

“I cannot myself discover these acts by introspection; but this does not prove that no one else can.” – Alfred J. Ayer

Tame Chaos

Backdrop world
Comfort boundaries
Full of moments

In a cyclic progression amongst reflections on linear western ambition, eastern cultural observation is indicated in a Rhode Island storefront window. Opposing forces perpetuate contradiction and change. Hegel’s dialectical development is a method of deriving middle ground aimed at advantageous amalgamation.

“Civilization is like a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness.” – Werner Herzog

Cloud Bank

Big low mass
Horizon rising
Distance observe

Change is more radical than generally recognized. Windows of opportunity rapidly open and swiftly close. Awareness is the key to successful negotiation of present contingencies.

“Attention is one essential requirement of observation. But whether attention precedes, determines, or merely accompanies observation, is not known.” – William H. George

Self Evident

Necessarily the case
Clearly provable
Logically certain

Philosophers draw distinctions between intentional and unintentional consequences, and their relationships. In this vein, visual art is about identifying and isolating the potentially interesting from the larger unrestrained environment. In this assemble process, sometimes happenstance and serendipity play an important role. In this particular example, duct tape really holds the piece together.

“It is fortunate for mankind that it is possible to have knowledge without being clear as to what knowledge is.” – Albert G. Ramsperger

Apprehension Factors

Individual specifics
Inexhaustive relations
Discernible field

Rather than thinking of the essence of things when contemplating the nature of existence, perhaps it would be more enlightening to think about event relationships. One reason for this shift is the fact that things are inherently unstable, while an underlying structure determining potentialities might be universal.

“This disclosure of an entity as a relatum without further specific discrimination of quality is the basis of our concept of significance.” – Alfred North Whitehead