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Inland sea
Maritime highway
Strategic importance

A part-whole relation orders its universe from the veranda during an extended eating occasion. The relationship between physical location and the origin of specific ideas manifests as a philosophical inquiry. Everything is a part of itself, as life lines-up on the Marmara Sea.

“Most of the mistakes in thinking are inadequacies of perception rather than mistakes of logic.” – Edward de Bono

Future in the Past

Follows equivalent
Essential rule gaps
Used interchangeably

The starting point for creative independence involves intense interest in existence, recognizing the unavoidable discrepancy between appearance and actuality. Discoveries are made through employing abstraction. In both the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics, the unobservable is postulated from speculative imagination. The present is gone before we can perceive it.

“Of course, from the fact that some of us feel a profound conviction that there must be a significance attaching to the world of our experience beyond what is contained in the representations, it does not follow that there is.” – Bryan Magee

Anarchist Movement

Poignant venture
Review and reflect
Ethereal shimmer

Observers in motion slice through space-time at an angle. Planes of simultaneity reconfigure an indefinite future unbounded by a curved conceptual model. After and before now, recognizing no correct way to see anything reveals potential gaps in reality. Discriminating awareness appears as the space-time between thoughts.

“What is now proved was once only imagined.” – William Blake


Allow gravity
Revolve exploit
Noticeable time

Diverse yet with underlying regularity, the forces of gravity isolate original universal commotion while continuing to subdivided the particulars. Performed and occurring as a result of external stimulus, simultaneously rendered multiple frozen moments are transformed by internal inclination.

“Clearly, any real body must have extension in four directions: it must have length, breath, thickness and duration…. There are really four dimensions, three of which we call the planes of space, and the fourth, time.” – H. G. Wells

Amongst Straight Lines

Equally extended
Parallel perpendicular
Plane intersection

The universe is an imaginative realm of aesthetic experiences circumscribed by spatiotemporal structural order filled with causal content. Unbounded time and space create many conceptual problems, especially relative to subjective perception and objective existence.

“The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions which have been hidden by the answers.” – James Baldwin

Snake Girl

Objects of interest
And entertainment
Will talk to you

After a period of decline, the freak show seems to be on the increase as entertainment allure. Three such separate sideshow carnival exhibitions were featured at this year’s Sate Fair. Conformity compliance rendering previously bizarre appearance now fashionable, heavily tattooed or pierced people have compromised attention-getting currency.

“Boredom doesn’t come from lack of activities but rather from your own limitations and ideas of fun. Appropriate behavior, normalcy and perfection are what you make of it.” – Sofia


Mind function
Three-dimensional awareness
Time position being

In a representational system, realty sometimes becomes cinematic. One way to think about existence is in the form of a continuous stream of pictorial images. Such a completely satisfactory description of the way things are, however, must leave significant questions unanswered. Meaning resides in the inexpressible potential of all possible contingencies.

“The picture consists in the fact that its elements are combined with one another in a definite way.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

Recurrent Feature

Perceptual repetition
Incessant novelty
Conceptual cognition

Linking perception of a multiplicity of concurrent sensation must invoke a synthesis. Ordering the patterns of life, conceptual cognition requires past memoires and future predictions. To recognize sequential order entails continuity of subjective reference, or identity. This connection must employ imagination to associate the existing instant with a history gone and a future yet to be.

“The identity of the I must, however surely be established independently of the endless difference of what is given to it.” – Andrew Bowie

Eiffel Tower

Iron lattice
Entrance arch
Ornate flourishes

The same old characteristics keep appearing again and again. A dispositionalist account of conceptual cognition considers that the tendency to expect certain possibilities is based on pattern repetition. Furthermore, exactly such repetition allows thought formation to occur, for without such recurrence, all sensual input would be novel and thus incoherent.

“In a world of incessant novelty, where there was no recurrence at all and tedious repetitious, no concepts could ever be acquired; and thinking, even of the crudest and most primitive kind, could never begin.” – Henry Habberley Price

Inductive Generalization

Known to be
Guarded conclusion
Homogeneous population

Events usually have an internal complexity. During their history, there is both a plurality of temporal phases and a plurality of spatial components. Passing deliberately without purpose, fair attendees progress in both directions along the finite carnival midway. Concentrated for amusement, gaudy fast food booths aim to exploit every palate through instant gratification of base desires. Extracting order from chaotic movement, a most interesting world of aesthetic shapes and colors manifest.

“When you connect to the silence within you, that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you.” – Stephen Richards