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Wish to Intervene

Formulating precise terms
Consequently inconsistent
Questions of principle

Some communications are principally passionate. Part of the riddle is activated by seeking recognition and validation from the other. Individuality limitations are inescapable as one thing leads to another. A form of subjective universality expectation, social existence is obligated to appreciate great mentality.

“This thinking consciousness, in the way in which it is thus constituted, as abstract freedom, is therefore only incomplete negation of otherness.” – Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel


Restrictions imposed
Temporality circumstances
Unavoidable presentation

Sometimes things pass-by so quickly, they seem only an ephemeral dream in retrospect. Seeking aesthetics under the metropolis with shifting patterns of humanity, life is experienced in the fast lane. Experience is not to be explained by resolving an object into terms of the subject, or the subject into terms of an object.

“In contrast to the inorganic nature of spirit which is given its appropriate artistic form by architecture, the spiritual itself now enters so that the work of art acquires and displays spirituality as its content.” – Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Mind Mood

System fragments
Speculative imagination
Verifiable experience

Appearance interpretation is limited by available information, prevalent temporal understanding, and selective interest in the presented material. Nothing is fixed; the future is a void, the present a boundary. Boundaries may not dissolve but rather only move. The present moment is an interface shifter between what was and what will be.

“No man can escape from the limitations of his own individuality, any more than he can avoid the restrictions imposed upon him by the circumstances of his time.” – J. B. Baillie

Different Premises

Casual talk
Close relations
Present not noticed

Signs in the street indicate the direction of the expedition. Along the way, individuals communicate with the other in a shifting dynamic of recognition desire. In the exchange, ethics are culturally imposed while morality is subjectively invented.

“I have no knowledge of myself as I am, but merely as I appear to myself.” – Immanuel Kant

Degree of Articulation

Closely connected
Alternative expressions
Convenience exposition

Action deployed in a common space as movement enunciated in time, transitory sequential impressions form event appearances. Accounting for their own conception, each form manifests uniquely, keeping within conditions and limits without demanding any other justification. The intrinsic value of the moment relates to art for art’s sake, subject to sensibility as the arbiter.

“The business of a writer is to determine the chart of his argument before he sets out on his literary expedition, and not to draw it afterwards in order to discover what coasts of truth he has visited.” – J. B. Baillie


Coming into being
Limits of what constitutes
Constructive originality

Establishing logical continuity to mere temporal sequence appearance, a distinctive principle of synthesis is in play in the present moment. In the progression of becoming, the potential for originality expands with a larger experiential foundation, realized in diverse form at transformed junctures.

“An intellect bent upon the act to be performed and the reaction to follow, feeling its object so as to get its mobile impression at every instant, is an intellect that touches something of the absolute.” – Henri Bergson

Equal to the Whole

Local effect
Narrow passage
Move among relations

Art galleries stimulate intellectual response through sensuous experience within preconfigured expectations. Modified expectations reconfigure understanding.

“There are manifold tones of mental life, or, in other words, our psychic life may be lived at different heights, now nearer to action, now further removed from it, according to the degree of our attention to life.” – Henri Bergson

Cause Effect Chain

Subjective necessity
Theoretical knowledge
Possibility is given

Time unfolds as a series of image fragments. Aesthetically responding to energy patterns in the present, subjective creative invention gives meaning to teleology theory. Art can describe natural tendencies on the way to certain end conditions, incontestably demonstrable.

“The first question here then is whether pure reason of itself alone suffices to determine the will, or whether it can be a ground of determination only as dependent on empirical conditions.” – Immanuel Kant

Subjectivized in Spirit

Unconscious manner
Explicit ground
Developing situation

Waiting for an elevator, enmeshed in a perfect bubble of encountered contradictions, philosophy is about distinctions. In the ever developing situation, consciousness proceeds by fixing one definite but shifting sequential instant. Passing immediately from moment to moment, temporal differentiation delineates contradiction and its trundling.

“The universal is realized in many ways and forms, and each is accepted in turn as the true moral reality. The mind passes from one to the other; when one is accepted the other is set aside.” – Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel