Tales Told

Elusive nature
Influenced arrangement
Heightened speculation

Behind an adjacent ridge-line, the setting sun interacts with the horizon. Life on Earth responds biologically to daily solar cycles.

“When you’ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there.” – George Harrison

Zero Gravity

Invisible force
Masses detect
Each other

On the carnival midway, mass tells space how to bend while space tells mass how to move. On such festive occasions, the mysteries of the universe are never revealed, but rather are only illuminated. We have come to realize after years of speculation that we still do not know what gravity actually is.

“Gravity is a habit that is hard to shake off.” – Terry Pratchett

Universal Grace

Abstract epitome
Forms radically alike
Even unique

On a hike in the Pacific Northwest, nature is appreciated as inward and outward senses are mutually adjusted. The subsequent production of artwork throws a light upon the mystery of the world.

“The beauty of nature re-forms itself in the mind, and not for barren contemplation, but for new creation.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Inexplicable Emergence

Totality of differences
Extensive magnitude
Time is not space

Duration is an absolute existence necessitating that time operates on a different stratum than space. Each of time’s new moments are added to an accumulated past. Progressing forward in this flow, consciousness cannot pass through the same circumstance more than once.

“The universe endures. The more we study the nature of time, the more we shall comprehend that duration means invention, the creation of forms, the continual elaboration of the absolutely new.” – Henri Bergson

Physical Inclination

Sensible impulse
Issues surrounding
Development spread

Cause and effect relationships manifest on the midway. In the presence of this confidence, either everything or nothing is determinable.

“Space is something so uniform and as to all particular properties so indeterminate, that we should certainly not seek a store of laws of nature in it.” – Immanuel Kant

Returning Ways

Point in time
Days of summer
Evening allure

Humanity is a component element of a constantly changing nature. All things individually experienced, including other humans encountered and prevailing social paradigms, are natural proceedings. The arbitrary destruction generated by a flood, or the vibrant colors of a sunset, each have their corollary in human behavior.

“Man lives in a world of surmise, of mystery, of uncertainties.” – John Dewey

Progress Assessed

Some special sense
More clearly aware
Destiny disquisition

On a trip to the airport, a complex convergence of multiple roadways creates a provocative overpass predicament. During such encounters, it is desirable to maintain aesthetic cognizance. Experience increases the accuracy of predictive anticipation.

“It is notorious that philosophers disagree not only about the truth of particular theories, or the answers to specific problems, but about the character and purpose of their whole activity.” – A. J. Ayer


Exclamation point
Revolving steel wheel
Charge the view

Something significantly spectacular to boast about rotates on a central axle at the fair. Everything is always in motion, requiring an actual elapse of time.

“Make no little plans.” – Daniel Burnham

Whole Through

Dimensional passage
Dictates of nature
Concerned for success

Certain determining contingencies are beyond any level of control and must simply be treated as adaptation stimuli. Although a cluster of diverse responses might serve the same function, not everything encountered happens for a reason.

“It is agreed on all hands that the qualities or modes of things do never really exist each of them apart by itself, and separated from all others, but are mixed, as it were, and blended together, several in the same object.” – George Berkeley

Infinite Unfolding

Prolonging the dynamic
Fundamental propositions
Conditioned by an event

Fragments of the fourth dimension coalesce into a dreamscape. The associated aesthetic affect is positively supported by imagination flowing from experience. More than a reflection of reality, art is the real of a subjective reflection.

“We pose only those questions whose answers are the pre-given conditions of the questions themselves.” – Alain Badiou