Internal conjunction
Absolute unification
Movement coordination

Integrated and interpreted by an active assessment process, duration is a constant succession of presentations, oriented towards refining a comprehension of existence.

“It can be conceived (although it can hardly be imagined) that energy might be saved up, and then expended on varying lines running across a matter not yet solidified.” – Henri Bergson

Living Nature

Free movement
Impulsive principle
Reciprocity prevails

Actual physical things together with their associated mental ideas, under creative influence, proceed and spring forth collaboratively. It is conceivable that force is infinite in its eternal ebb and flow.

“So long as I myself am identical with Nature, I understand what a living nature is as well as I understand my own life; I apprehend how this universal life of Nature reveals itself in manifold forms, in progressive developments, in gradual approximations to freedom.” – Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling


Interval intensity
Dynamic character
Vicariously engaging

In the course of experiencing nature, the assemblage of events and associated cause and effect succession are interdependent internal and external phenomena. They become actual in our minds only insofar as they themselves follow one another.

“This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” – Alan W. Watts

First Impressions

Desirable flaw
Fickle appearance
Spacing deviance

It is delightful when a creative project results in desirable expectations. A new optical journey begins here, with anticipation of warm days featuring dappled sunlight on the horizon.

“The optical glass does not itself see; it is merely an instrument in the hand of a rational being.” – Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling

The Blue Door

Possible experience
Sufficiently complex
Venerable gallery

A secondary portal takes on an indexical patina related to duration. In this iteration, an object of physical passage indicates the passage of time via exposure oxidation.

“How a world outside us, how a Nature and with it experience, is possible–these are questions for which we have philosophy to thank; or rather, with these questions philosophy came to be.” – Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling

Rocking Chair

Warm haze
Supple light
There will be time

A random afternoon on the front porch argues for matter existing as an equilibrium of active forces engaged in dynamic harmony.

“The past should be altered by the present as much as the present is directed by the past.” – T. S. Eliot


Practical standpoints
Encompassed within
Significant difference

Sensation is a biological adaptation to a contextual presentation that suits an organism’s needs. Meanwhile, representations are mediated and constructed signs that stand for a referred object.

“Representation is distinguished in consciousness by the subject from the subject and object, and is referred to both.” – Karl Leonhard Reinhold

Crucial Catalyst

Intense engagement
Succinct articulation
Artistic insight

Rationality is the disposition of acting by reason. But is rationality a human imposition on reality, or something actually present in an independent existence? In either case, the external world must inform its human expression.

“All art should become science and all science art; poetry and philosophy should be made one.” – Friedrich Schlegel

Ethereal Sympathy

Infinite circle
Stimulating enigma
Outside the periphery

We tend to neglect the sheer improbability of existence and the marvel of its performances. But since we can readily view all things from an eternal frame of reference, time presents a fertile opportunity for imagination.

“Our notions of law and harmony are commonly confined to those instances we detect; but the harmony results from a far greater number of seemingly conflicting, but really concurring, laws, which we have not detected, is still more wonderful.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Efficacious Means

Laws of rhythm
Feeling analysis
Emotional equivalent

Duration is comprised of moments nested inside of one another. As experience is integrated into an external physical realm, feeling invokes an inherent life principle aimed at unity. All action flows from a common source.

“There are thus distinct phases in the progress of an aesthetic feeling, as in the state of hypnosis ; and these phases correspond less to variations of degree than to differences of state or of nature.” – Henri Bergson