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March 24, 2006Time


   Classic automobile
Vintage Motion
Action streaks

T here are three primary methods used to capture motion: freezing motion, motion blur and panning. The end result depends mainly on the selected shutter speed. To freeze a moving object use a shutter speed faster than the speed of the object. If the shutter speed selected is slower than the speed of the object there will be motion blur in the photo. Potentially everything in the photograph will be in focus except for the moving object. Panning is a bit trickier. Using the camera on a slow shutter speed, follow the object along its path of movement during exposure. This renders the moving object sharper than the background which is blurred from the camera motion.

The main street in Higginsville is good to photograph at dusk. There are number of nice lights that illuminate the businesses and stores that occupy the small downtown area. The yellow streaks in the background of this shot are individual point lights outlining the display windows of Kramer Clothing Store. I panned the camera following the movement of a passing vehicle to create a semi-abstract motion blur.

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